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  1. Humble18C

    Neuropsychological Testing

    I recently had my C&P/Neuro and I am clueless. The doctor told me I had a GAF of 40 with "major depression". I asked about the TBI and she stated I have one which has led to PTSD and major depression. I can't help but think the TBI claim will be lost in the shuffle so to speak.
  2. Bergie, I agree with you. I am going through the process now and even though I hope for a positive outcome, I support doing the right thing. We all know there are a ton of people out there who are abusing the system which I believe adversely affects honest veterans with valid claims. Now apparently you can be on Camp Victory sipping a Latte and eating Pizza Hut, then come home and file a claim because you were in a combat zone even though you never left the wire. I think the VA should use their resources and money to improve the process so deserving vets are processed more efficiently. Humble
  3. Humble18C

    Combat Tbi

    My hearing seems to be fine now. I was told there is scarring from dive duty.
  4. Humble18C


    Hey team, thanks for the responses and insight. I have never claimed anything with the VA. I just came off active duty, and during the out-processing they had a Vet-Rep who initiated this. QTC has been setting up appointments for me. I filled out the PTSD form and sent it back to the VA. The other day I had an appointment for a TBI and at that time the Doc said she was giving me a referral for PTSD. In a firefight, I had an RPG blow up 10 feet from me sending a piece of schrapnel into my Kevlar and knocking down; which is why they set me up with the TBI appointment. I gave the doc a copy of the casualty feeder card from when we returned to base. The feeder card gave the grid of the incident and stated I had a mild concussion and baro-trauma due to being hit with schrapnel.
  5. Humble18C

    Combat Tbi

    I had an RPG impact 10-15 feet in front of me resulting in a large piece of schrapnel striking my helmet knocking me to the ground. When we returned to base I was diagnosed with a mild concussion and barotrauma. At my exam the other day I was given a referal for PTSD testing and a Neurological exam. Any idea of what to expect?
  6. Humble18C


    I haven't seen very many posts from combat soldiers. I submitted the VA PTSD form with two stressors; incident reports depicting the firefights, Bronze Star Valor with narrative description of actions on the objective and the Purple Heart. I have a CIB from previous action. Is this what the VA needs to validate a claim? Any idea of what I should expect from here going forward?

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