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  1. donh777


    Thanks Basser. I got err message on 1st one so retyped it again.
  2. donh777


    Have been on night time oxygen for some months now but guess I am not bad enough for the cpac..
  3. donh777


    PCP has me on 3 per day, but for last 6-8 months I have only been taking an average of 1 or less, so now I will ween myself off if I can. Thanks all for advise and concerns.
  4. donh777


    Just got letter from pcp and he is reducing my hydrocodone from 7.5 to 5.0mg. Reason is he just got results of pulmonary function test--studies compatible with severe obstructive pulmonary disease. Studies indicate the serious side effects of respiratory depression and death this medication can cause. My copd is not a service connected disease. anybody else ever hear of this?
  5. Had a pulmonary function test app. a year ago...Studies compatible with severe obstructive pulmonary disease. Letter from primary care doctor and he is reducing my dosage of hydrocodone from 7.5 to 5.o mg
  6. donh777

    Mhv And Ebennies Strangeness

    for the last several days I have been able to put my user name in, but when I try to add Password, Internet explorer stops working and long story short: can't sign in.
  7. Get a copy of examination asap. If it doesn't have the magic words of "at least as likely" or "more likely than not it may cause trouble for you.
  8. donh777

    Feb 2014 Roll Call

    Present and still waiting on the C & P exam. We pray for all Vets and their family.
  9. donh777

    Reply From Iris.....

    It took them 3 months to answer "if you have additional questions please use the above space within 14 days. Oh! I didn't post in wrong place as this question was about a c & p exam that I have been waiting on since July 2013. But my VSO said to call him back on Jan 21 if I hadn't heard anything so that will be close to 14 days for reply.
  10. I put in a IRIS question on 10/19/2013, I received a reply from them on 1/1`0/2014.. and they still didn't answer the question, just referred to Muskogee RO. But they did apologize for taking so long to get back to me...
  11. go to youtube and put in rom for lower back and see what comes up.
  12. donh777

    Jan 2014 Roll Call

    Still here....Still waiting....and my physiologist is going to start seeing me by video feed at Clinic. Saves him from having to drive 60 miles ,1 way daily.
  13. Called my VSO today and was informed that mine had been changed for the third time since July 2013. But I finally did get some information, not just call back in 30 days. Myself and 23 other veterans are still waiting for a scheduled c&p. A RO supervisor informed him that some one had lit a fire under their asx. and it should be scheduled by January 16th.. I will wait as I have no other choice, but I won't hold my breath. This is at the Muskogee, Oklahoma RO.
  14. Form number 21-4140-1 for employment questionnaire
  15. If you are married and your spouse worked you can draw something off her social security.

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