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  1. I wrote the wrong thing in my initial post. THE GUY FROM LHI WROTE 'NOT AS LEAST AS LIKELY AS NOT" related to military service. Sorry about the confusion. I am so angry I am having a hard time thinking straight.
  2. That is incorrect. He stated "not at least as likely as not" related to military service. The key being RELATED TO MILITARY SERVICE.
  3. My C&P examiner from MN and LHI decided to solely focus on the fact I drank and then at the end of his report wrote that MH was "not at least as likely as nott" related to military service. Thereby effectively ending my 11 year appeal with his 40 minute interview. It mattered not that I have been sober since 2011. I have been seeing the VA for both medications relating MH control and talk therapy also since 2011on a monthly basis and sometimes during crisis modes more than that. It didn't matter that I am rated 70% for conditions other than MH and witnessed accidents in training and provided proof via buddy letters and newspaper articles. None of that stuff was related according to this LHI guy here in MN. I didn't matter that I needed A WAIVER TO EVEN GET INTO THE MILITARY. A MENTAL HEALTH WAIVER! which is documented in my records and in my claim. Nothing I did as a cavalry scout possibly affected me. Not the Shoulder dislocation that happened in service, not the broken ankle and broken leg that happened in service with 3 steel plates and 7 screws. Not that accident that killed several people right in front of me during a night exercise. All that is documented right in my C file but they are going to listen to this LHI guy and gave me an unfavorable report. Things like this is why you read about veterans in the news. THE VA. THE DESTROYER OF LIVES. My rep at the American Legion said that if I have no additional evidence to just let the board decide it as the remand is complete with the LHI C&P for mental health. Hopeless and depressed and get to just take it as usual.
  4. From what I was told by the person on the phone with the law firm they scan decisions when they are announced at the BVA level and if they see a error or think they can win they reach out to you. It came out of the blue. I had no idea and was surprised when I asnswered the phone and it was a law firm.
  5. I believe that the rating should have been 30% from the date is was first granted as a service connection as thats why I appealed it when they first granted 20%. So if thats how I feel about it then do I need to file a another NOD or can I do nothing since they said in my letter that my claim is still considered to be in the appellate status and further processing will continue unless I advise them that I am satisfied with the decision
  6. Thanks all. I think I need to file a NOD then for an earlier date because basically what the VA is saying is that on Sept 5 2019 is when my nephropathy was worth 30% and I contend it should have been 30% all along. If anyone has any concrete questions they would like me to answer so that they can provide a better answer please ask. I can provide exact dates etc. Thank you
  7. I filed in 2017 and they gave me a 20% rating Sept 8 2017 then I filed an appeal for increase about a month later with my VSO and it was partial granted with an increase to 30% with an effective date of Sept 5 2019 according to my letter. This entire thing is worded weird. I have no idea whats going on. THE BOARD OF VETERANS APPEALS REMANDED YOUR APPEAL ON SEPT 8 2017. WE MADE A DECISION ON YOUR ENTITLEMENT TO VA BENEFITS is what it says on the top of the letter. My appeal was remanded to them on Sept 8 2017 and then on page 2 of the letter it goes on to say The evaluation of left upper arm radiculpathy is increased 30% effective Sept 5 2019, which is the date we received your claim and the earliest date factually ascertainable that a increase in your case is warranted. So they say one thing in one part and another somewhere else. Confusing hence my questions. It also states in my letter that "your claim is still considered to be in appellate status and further processing will continue unless you advise us that you are now satisfied with the decision"
  8. GBArmy- Thank you for the response. I want to be clear though as I am still slightly confused. With the date I have given I should expect zero retroactive pay?
  9. Hi, today I received notification that my nephropathy rating was increased from 20% to 30% with an effective date of Sept 5 2019 which was the date I went to see the LHI doctor who examined me. Does this mean I am getting 5 days worth of back pay? I can provide more information written verbatim or pictures if needed. I just don't know what to provide to get answers. Thank you
  10. I have an appeal from 2011 that was partial granted 20% with a back date to 2011. I was contacted by Bergman and Moore law firm and they want to try and get the 20% award increased. My question to you folks is if I accept this offer from them and lose at the CAVC can I lose my already approved grant? Will appealing it delay the back pay award or will there be two backpay awards? Thank you
  11. I had filed an appeal for an eed relating to my shoulder and it is listed as 9-5-2019 on ebenefits. I had appealed for a 2010 date. Is this one shown on the ebenefits the one they gave me or just when it was decided? Thanks
  12. Mine is a CAVC partial grant and 4 items remanded back to the RO (reginal office) as well and on va.gov it says 16-29 months for a decision. I filed an iris ( an email form you can use to find out status at iris.gov) and the answer was that my CAVC remand and partial award will be granted and paid when ALL items are complete either granted or denied and that takes 16-29 months. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi, I have sent a couple of messages the last week or so on both sites and although they appear to send they are not showing up under sent. I want to be sure my doc is getting them. Anyone else having this issue. It says on the website the last thing I sent was in May 2018. Thanks
  14. Thanks alot! Very helpful and appreciate your replies to me.
  15. Thanks for replying. I will be more direct with what I am asking. I had surgery in the service for a leg and ankle injury while on active duty and it left me with a 13" scar on one side of lower leg and a 5" scar on same leg but ankle and they hurt when pressed but otherwise look normal I can claim that if I chose too? I was certainly not aware of that. Am I understanding that correct? I do not have any lipomas I am aware of just pain and cant be pressed on ie. Grandkids going for leg rides etc.
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