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  1. In Tennessee, the maximum market value on which tax relief is calculated will be on the first $100,000.00 of your primary residence. The previous value limit was the $175,000.00. When I went in this year to make my payment, I was told that Tennessee is trying to get rid of any property tax relief period. They have no idea what it will be for this coming tax year.Another slap in the face for everyone...so sad..so sad.
  2. Here is the information on Tennessee's new Tax Relief rules for Disabled Veterans/Widow(ER) for 2015. This is totally a disgrace to what Tennessee is doing. The first two pages are from Tennessee's web site. The third page is a copy of the letter that I was sent. To show you just how "cheap" Tennessee was in mailing out these notices, please just look at the top of the letter. No, I did not copy this letter on a used sheet of paper. It appears that they used, or may I say, "re-used" paper that was already printed on to mail out to us. Every year I get a tax relief notice from the State of Tennessee and have to go in and have to re-submit that I still qualify as a widow of a 100% P & T Veteran. When I went in to pay, I was told that this was only good for a year and that Tennessee is trying to eliminate all tax relief. They had no idea what would happen next year. TENNESSEE SALES & use tax exemption-dollar general.pdf PROPERTY TAX LETTER RECEIVED.pdf
  3. Tennessee just went from $175,000.00 to down to $100.000.00 and I eneded up having to pay this year.
  4. I'm actually signing in early this month..forgot all about last month completely.. Celia
  5. Here, still a little on the broke side..but things are beginning to look up..things do get better and a positive attitude helps..Wishing the best for everyone here..
  6. Aggie, Congratulations!! Now, sit back a bit and let it all soak in and enjoy! Just tuck back a little moolah for a rainy day! Thank you for your service!! Celia
  7. Congratulations to you and I know you are relieved. Remember to tuck back just a little moolah for a rainy day! Relax now...let it all soak in.. and also Thank you for your service! God Bless you, Celia
  8. Congratulations to you! To add to Carlie's post..Tuck some moolah back for a rainy day! Celia
  9. Thanks Carlie and a hug back to you.
  10. I 'm here, but I am still struggling! Tomorrow will make 10 months since I lost my Wonderful Vietnam Veteran Husband of 26 years! (and also such a Terrific Father)! Oh!..how I miss him so! I will say one thing...I will survive...it may take quite awhile, but I will get through this! God Bless and I hope everyone has a great month! Celia
  11. Congratulations Kevin and will be looking forward to you posting a 100% rating! Yes, perseverance is the key here! God Bless! Celia
  12. I just tried to log in on David's account and got the message that the site is not available now and they are doing upgrades. I am sure that these upgrades will really help us out so much! LOL Celia
  13. Welcome and you have most definitely come to the "right" place!
  14. Here it is now, Tonio. Celia Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) - Insurance.htm
  15. Tonio, I saved the VA link, but it turned out blue. Just go to the left of the page and click on Life Insurance. Then you will again see to the left the VGLI and then below it some is the S-DVI link. Let me know if this works. Celia
  16. Sorry, oops...it went on and posted my reply. What I was going to say is that I hope I have not told you wrong. The web site can explain so much more than I ever could. I hope this helps in some small small way, Tonio. I am just the messenger and hope that I did not deliver the message incorrectly. God Bless! Celia
  17. Tonio, don't take this to the bank, but S-DVI is insurance for Veterans with service-connected disabilities. You can apply within 2 years of the date that VA granted your new service-connected disability. The VGLI is a life insurance program that allows you to convert your full time SGLI coverage to a renewable term life insurance. You can go on to VA's web site and it will give you all of the details. I just googled it and it tool me to VA's site. Just bear in mind that I have never been in the service and I hope that
  18. Fantastic news indyman and a big CONGRATULATIONS to you sir!! Like Carlie says, "spend wisely" and tuck back some of that moolah for a "rainy day fund"! Thank you for your service!! Celia
  19. Tonio, it sure does feel good to have your ID in your hands, doesn't it! I am glad you got that taken care of. We lived 2 hours away from a base, so when we went to get our cards 2 years ago, we just went to the National Guard Armory and got our IDs. It took us longer to drive there than it did to get the cards printed up. I am so glad that things are looking up for you and you know that God is so good and watching over you! God Bless! Celia
  20. This is just a case where justice was not served...how utterly disgusting..!
  21. Truck78499, it sure does look like Congratulations are in order for you... so CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you for your service! Celia
  22. This is so amazing and what a GREAT read to wake up with on Hadit!! I am so happy for you and you can relax now. I like what you posted and it bears just repeating!! Claim it all ( whether it be a big or small claim, but just get it in your records)! Stay in Treatment! (very important) Be Proud of Yourself! Keep a Positive attitude! ( A Must and you fell better about yourself) Read the Regs Read the Regs!! (will help you through) Thank you for your service, FullTime! Celia
  23. I am keeping good thoughts about this and will be watching for your posting of your success...can't wait!! Celia
  24. Congratulations to you ping jockey!! Yes, I am so glad that you never gave up! Now, hopefully, you will be able to get your rating up to 100%! God bless you and it is so refreshing to hear good news like yours! Celia
  25. Berta, This is just beyond words, but what a Scum Bag!! Vync, I just love your map of the Super Max Facility! When David worked at the prison, he would have some inmates that would complain about almost anything and they thought that they had such a bad life at the facility. Hey, when you end up being incarcerated, it is not supposed to be like you were on a cruise ship! When some of these inmates ended up being transferred to the Super Max, I bet you they thought that the "old" place was not so bad after all! Then, it probably felt like the "old" place had been more of a "country club" facility and they had it pretty good there. Now, they are stuck at the Max Facility. Oh, woe is me!! Basser, I think that they should make the inmates work and not sit around in the multi- purpose room or in their own cell and watch tv. Sure, they have to pay a very big premium to purchase a tv or whatever for their cell, but just strip down their cell to the bare bones and nothing more.....WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Jerrel, Just take them out to the court square and do like they use to do in the old wild west days! I will get off of my soap box now! Good evening now. Celia
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