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  1. Within the VA system Carlie, because the VA stuck me with a pre-existing condition, so I can't get outside help, plus my wheelchair came from my orthopedic specialist who was looking at my torn ACL and I told him I had fibro and my legs buckle after I stand for 10 minutes, so he gave me a wheelchair, can my PC doctor take it away?
  2. John I am at 40% for fibromyalgia and 10% for Chronic Fatigue and I have a wheelchair, but it was given to me by my orthopedic specialist, because I told Him that I can only stand on my feet for 10 min, or my legs will buckle, which they will. But he wrote on my progress note, that this is really supposed to be handled by my primary care doctor and I have dizzy spells and I almost passed out cold at the VA one day and a nurse told me to never be on the floor of the hospital without my wheelchair, because of my dizzy spells. My Chronic Fatigue does keep me bedridden all except about 4 or 5 hours a day, so I am not totaly bedridden, but on the assignments for 100% for Chronic Fatigue are: Which are nearly constant and so severe as to restrict rountine daily activites almost completely and which may occasionally preclude self-care, which I am at this level, but I don't have insurance to go see a private doctor, because the VA nailed me with a pre-existing condition right off the start. What now, can my PC force me to get out of the wheelchair? And is a DRO hearing where I go in front of the board with my rep?
  3. oh brother I know there are thousands of people going through the same thing and I called my Congressman Phil Roe and He doesn't even understand it, but I can guarantee you one thing. I won't give up the fight, that's what they want you to do!! Semper Fi, Norman
  4. Did you mean a DAV rep, I have never heard of a BVA Benefits Counselor? And thanks for your help to begin with. Norman
  5. I have been rated at 40% for fibromyalgia and 10% for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am in front of the board for an appeal on the 10% for Chronic Fatigue and 12 other syptoms, but I was looking up Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the majority of my other problems fall under Chronic Fatic Syndrome. At 10% it says that I have periods of incapacitation of atleast one. but less than 2 weeks a year. Mine bothers me everyday of my life and my parents are my caregivers would should put me easily at the 100% rating. I have had people write in letters for me explaining my condition, and my caregivers (my parents) as well. I called the DAV and said try to get your doctor to sign a letter saying that you should be much higher rated than 10% for CFS, and I don't have any personal insurance, I have to go to the VA Hospital and it is like pulling teeth to try to get a doctor to sign anything up there, I am almost completely bedridden, I am waiting to hear about my SS, the vocational expert at the SS hearing said there was no possible way I could hold down a job. I would appreciate any advice from anyone on how to get this rating greatly increased and the DAV in Nashville is my rep. Is there anybody that can give me any advice on going in front of the rating board to try to prove that I am much worse off then 10% for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am new here also, hello everyone!! Can someone HELP, this is the 3rd year I have been going on with this crap!!!
  6. I got rated 10% for tinnitus, but the VA told me some junk about it wouldn't be added on to my already 50% service connection for fibromyalgia. I called down to the VA in Nashville, TN and some woman told me about the pyramid system or something. That I am service connected for the 10%, but won't recieve any increase in my monthly check. I went to a friends house last night and His wife looked it up and said the vA won't give you extra comp if it is related to something that you are already recieving compensation for. How is tinnitus connected to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Can somebody explain this mess to me? Norm
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