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  1. WHISTLEBLOWER'S WINS SEVENTEEN-YEAR BATTLE FOR SERVICE CONNECTED PTSD COMPENSATION AND TREATMENT I had my C & P meeting on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. I have been designated 100% disabled. I have no idea how the VA came up with the math and after fighting seventeen years I do not care! What I do know is that "SHIT" has hit the fan at the Veterans Administration. The VA got a copy fo the letter I sent to President Obama and General Shinseki. The VA would prefer I not write any more letters to the President of the United States. I am HAVING a PTSD attack - RIGHT NOW! It is hard
  2. Thank you all for your posts. PTSD comp requires a current medical diagnosis of PTSD and a confirmed stressor. Done: Diagnosis was given by a VA psychiatrist on 1-25-2010 Unless you have the PH, CAR, or CIB on your DD 214 the VA will need to verify your stressor. – Not going to happen the US Navy basically treated me like Chuck Connors in the 1960’s television show Branded. That is “Why” I had to get a Senator to intervene. The Senator’s aide assured me the Congressional Record satisfies the PH, CAR, CIB and the lack of it being on my DD-214. Again, I want to thank Carlie for he
  3. Thank everyone for your posts and support, I used Senator Merkley (D-OR) to assist me with my 17 year battle against VA - it PAID OFF! The senator's office called yesterday and told me with some effort he was able to pull my 1985 Congressional testimony, which was originally un-classified - then classified by President GW Bush. Lucky for me as a US Senator he was able to go into Lexus and get the booklet. The Senator's aide was upset because the VA had been double-talking him and after he read the Congressional testimony he told me I should have received PTSD treatment and compensati
  4. I already had an exam in January with a VA psychiatrist and she gave me a GAF of 45, and wanted to put me in the VA hospital - in January. This meeting on 5/18/10, is a C & P exam. I have gone downhill since January. On May 3, 2010, I had a melt down while in my new psychiatrists office. It was embarassing since it was out FIRST meeting. I'm not sure what happened? I yelled at him, "How can the VA not understand how getting strangled by a thief you were blowing the whistle-on would cause the DSM-IV stressor. That is the "official" stressor that I am using because it happened and as r
  5. I have PTSD. The vet center is where I go. Then I was transferred to a shrink at the main hospital. When I was at the shrink at the vet center all he wanted to do was tuttie-frutie new age music. He never wanted to talk with me about the "STRESSOR"? The VA may give me counseling - but the counseling they are providing me is about as useless as telling a woman to go anger mangagment classes because she was raped. do you really think she is going to get better if no one talks to her about why she is angry or what happened - just give her pills and pass her along to the next person. That is h
  6. Thank you for the help. So I still need to fight the VA on Primo stangling me being the stressor. I will call my VSO and see if he can find out if the stressor has been approved. I will call Senator Merkley's office again and see if I can get his office to help me. I took your advice and sent in my appeal about denial connected to retribution for blowing the whistle. I sent it to the VA Comp side, and also included the medical side. I want to make sure my PTSD shrink knows what is going on, same for my primary doctor. I also sent a copy of the appeal directly to General Shinseki's offic
  7. I received the letter, followed by a phone call. I have an appointment to see the psychologist on the 18'th of May. I am going to meet with the county VSO the day before and have asked the VSO for a statement from him about the emotional and mental state I have been in when we have met. I would hope his notes about PTSD, panic attack, MDD, and Dysthymia will help to raise my service connected disability from 10% for tinnitus to 100% for PTSD. The county doesn't allow the VSO to go with the vet to the VA exam. The letter is the best I can probably do - or should I ask the VSO for something e
  8. Thank you , I will take your words of wisdom. This is all so very over-whelming. With PTSD and depression it is hard, as you know, to separate the anger. Also, I am not an attorney, nor do I have any expertise in this area, so I am trying the best I can. I am going to cut and paste your simple sentence about how the denial is retribution to the whistle-blowing. The assault by Primo should've worked in 1993, as the official "stressor". The DSM-IV stressor criterion requirements are proved. That stressor was reported in the press and in the Congressional Record when I testified on October 1,
  9. I am out in Oregon. The VA has opened some new vet centers, one of which in Hillsboro, OR is withing ten minutes drive from my house - or a one hour bus ride (bus schedules bad). The vet center has "opened" and Intake section at that clinic. In January I had a mental meltdown while at the VA vet center. I was being seen by my primary care practitioner. I think I freaked her, and myself, out. From her I went to see the VA social worker. The next day I went back and was seen by the VA staff psychiatrist who does the "intake" interviews. That shrink is the one that diagnosed the PTSD, MDD,
  10. Commander Bob, Thank you. I will continue to battle the VA until I receive the compensation and treatment for the mental injuries I received with my military service. P.S. If you know of anyone in the press who might be interested in the story please give them my blog. I do believe it is important that if America wants people in the military to report fraud, waste and abuse of taxdollars, then the service members must know what will happen to them. I am that beacon of warning to all people in the military - WALK away and keep your mouth shut because your nation willnot support you. Th
  11. Pete53, Thank you for you tips. At 18 I didn't even know what PTSD was so there was no diagnosis. I am in treatment - although, in five months I have been passed around and am now on my third shrink. The shrink who did my "Intake" diagnosis passed me onto a psychologist. He insulted me three times and I had to ask for a new one. I have a claim in with VA - 17 years now! I am trying to get a news organization to pick up my story as a human interest story. Twenty-five years later and nothing has changed in the military procurement process since I blew the whistle on it in 1985. I ha
  12. If as a boy I had witnessed my little brother drown (CPR resuscitated) in the family pool then as an adult I witnessed one of my classmates in SAR school drown (Oxygen bottle resuscitated). The SAR drowning exacerbated the earlier PTSD from childhood. Does that fall under the purview of the law? Also, as a Navy whistle-blower in 1985., when the US Navy branded, slandered and libeled me publicly in the press, and in the very halls of Congress while I testified to Congress about the $320,000,000 fraud, waste and abuse on the USS Kitty Hawk. The mental trauma I received prior to that from bein
  13. John, Thank you for your thoughts. As I am fully physically and mentally disabaled I will not be able to work again and this will be all the money I have in the world. I have never been able to join the American dream of owning a home, although I have worked since I was 16 and didn't piss money away on booze, bimbos and gambling. I just was never able to hold a real job that was able to earn enought money to survive (rent, food utilities, etc). My wife has no insurance and needs dental as do I. If I ever get any retro money I will need it to buy a small manufacture home, or if I get enou
  14. In a nutshell here is the problem: The NAVY says my life was NEVER in danger. They have never changed their position. If the VA is ONLY going to the NAVY for the "OFFICIAL" version of events then of course the "stressor" is going to be denied. However, if you go to my blog and click on the photos you can look at all of the documents. The VA for 17 years had denied the stressor. The stressor was not only reported in the press. MY lawyer at the time had to file legal documents with the Federal court to keep the Navy from throwing me in the brig! The Navy wanted to throw me in the bri
  15. The VA has everything that I have put on my blog to book as far as PEOPLE, newspapers, etc. I sent it to them. I also sent them the cover of the Congressional Book from when I testified to Congress on 10/1/1985. Unfortunately, I could not get a replacement booklet from the Congressional printing office they said it was out of print. However, there is a good probability that most of the files are tagged "TOP SECRET" since the whole incidence was connected to the Iran/Contra affair. Do you know anyone who can help me find former Congressman Jim Bates (D-CA)? He was the Congressman who wen
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