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About Me

I am a Navy vet. I blew the whistle in 1985 on $320,000,000 of fraud, waste and abuse on a single aircraft carrier, the USS Kityy Hawk. The Navy BRANDED me a traitor for standing up, drummed me off its North Island Naval base, and threw me into the streets with 90 active duty and means of support.

In 1993, I knew I had a problem when the police picked me up walking at midnight looking for someone to try and mug me so I could kill them in self defense, I had been popped for possession of marijuana (self medicating my PTSD). I stopped smoking MMJ and the PTSD went nuclear. The judge sent me to the VA for treatment. The VA hooked me up to some monitors and had me practice bio-feedback. Then denied me for PTSD in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996.

As a vet with flaming PTSD I said to hell with the VA and dealt with the trauma on my own. Then, after almost dying twice (2) from VA malpractice (2005 & 2007 VA surgeries) I wrote my book, The Whistleblower, to make sure America, someday, maybe, would know "MY" side of the story. Not the side that made Oliver North the HERO - for if he was the hero - I had to be the villain.

That is when the PTSD overwhelmed me. I re-lived the horrors I had seen at 26 - but, because I was a whistle blower, the VA will not treat me for the PTSD and trauma from blowing the whistle; instead, the VA wants me to listen to tapes about visualizing my legs and ass dissolving.

I feel like the the character that Chuck Connors played on the 1960's t.v. show - Branded!

If you have never had the federal government defame, humiliate, and strip you of your honor - then you have NO IDEA of the internal RAGE!!! I feel inside.

For even though my government violated my social contract in 1985, I have continued to honor my side of the contract and have always paid every penny I owe in federal income taxes.

This is who I am. It is NOT the person I ever wanted to be. I just want this ALL to STOP - I want my mind to be free...

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