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  1. THX again to all who help others...
  2. Carlie,thanks...I checked out link..lot of good info but none that helps me in answering my questions to help me for evidence on IU claim n form... Anyone that has any thought please help...All is appreciated. JL
  3. THANKS LARRY....and any thoughts on the evidence I mentioned that could help???
  4. hey to all...I am new here... Im currently 70% ptsd, 80% total....deployed 2003-05 Iraq. I have not worked full time since I came off AD 2/05. I have continued to work within reserve unit till July 09 when my condition worsened to prevent me from continuing. My current VA psychologist I see regularly wrote a letter to give to my CO stating medically why I shouldnt continue to attend drills ("He is unable to continue to work becuase of PTSD"). He stated some of my symptoms, a diagnosis, prognosis and his opinion that I should be referred to a MEB asap. I havent attended drills or been paid since July 09. I am still on the books as bein a current member but I will never work for the reserve again because of my condition and because I fail to meet retention standards. I am currently, as of now, yet to be referred to the MEB. I have tried to use VSO but he doesnt seem to know what he is doing. He continues to say complete the form and send it to VA and dont send anything else with it. He says VA doesnt care about my work. That doesnt make sense to me based on what I heave read on here. For evidence for my IU claim would you: use the letter my VA DR wrote to my CO (it is roughly 10 months old so is it outdated???) or ask him to write another one??? I did mention to my VA DR few months back if he would write a letter or put in his notes to the effect I cant work and he said he wanted to wait and see what happens to my PTSD group therapy. I know I dont feel better otherwise but I will try to continue with the group. I would like some thoughts on completing the IU form. I have nothing to hide and I have my list of all work from SS records but unsure how to put it on the form for the right questions. #16 List all employment last 5 years you worked: says show all work from the last 5 yrs worked. It doesnt say use part-time and/or full-time. I havent worked full time during that time. I have only worked part-time for the reserves. Would the reserves work be sufficient and use the dates up to July 09? Or should I use my AD deployment date of 02-05 and not mention any of my reserve time because the VA isn't concerned with reserve work? #13 Date you last worked full-time: would I use my AD deployment from 02-05 as my last FT job?? #14 Date you became too disabled to work: should I use July 09 from my last reserve work day as date I became too disabled to work or use the last AD deployment date? #20 Have you tried to obtain employment since you became too disabled to work? Do I need to go apply to at least 3 jobs and document it? I have tried to work but couldnt continue. #24 Remarks Should I explain on another piece of paper all of the above so it is clear? I have not worked full time since I came off AD 2/05. And does it really matter about my work history prior to my combat experiences? I want to be as honest as I can but just unsure what to put on some of the questions. THX JL
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