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  1. Ok. I serendipitously found out what a dental bone graft was when my outside assigned by VA dentist was denied authorization but put one in anyway. After that I begin messaging through the secure messaging system my dentist who for 30 days and over 15 messages and 15 replies (approx) Told me every which way to Sunday that “VA does not authorize bone graft.” During the last 32 days of questioning through the messaging system about this to the same dentist, it was revealed that this was local VA policy. So I asked about how stranger possibly cruel that was, that a veteran could move to anot
  2. Sorry. I can’t see threads. Idk why. I can even find a list if forums. Maybe if I was on s computer instead of a phone. Thanks
  3. Can you link me to that forum, please? Thanks. ps. yes, anything I did would in the US Court of Fed Claims. because it’d be way after damage was done. not looking for any new ratings. Btw, I sued USA in Fed Claims Ct. no lawyer would help me. I won. That initial victory took nearly 10 years, more followed. problem is, WHAT you can and cannot get damages for (and what type damages) and more importantly: how to present/argue it in language that rings the bells. eg, the case I had... there was no money, not damages. law didn’t allow. BUT you must be “creative” with your tr
  4. Thanks Buck, good stuff. I’m outside now, too. very long story. however, the “neglect” means we’re trying to play to catchup, which as we know has been left to deteriorate... still is in large part ... as catchup takes even more time, and, in some cases (teeth numbers) LOSS. here’s question I’ll be seeking out soon: when I got assigned outside (1 year; comprehensive treatment)... i had several lengthy conversations with the outside dentist’s “VA clerk.” That person and others there rather happily repeated: “We can do up to $1000. a day without authorization.” meaning: on
  5. can someone please link the proper forum for discussing dental complaints? if it is here, then my question is: i’m seeking information about why or when the VA extract the tooth and they do not immediately put bone material in or I guess it’s called “allograft.” If you look up “dental bone graft” you find that is common practice to do that stuff at the time of extraction. I didn’t know anything about the stuff and about “melting“ upper and lower jaw and how fast it occurs, very fast. So now I know why on my upper jaw there’s two big giant “U” shapes it’s on either side —
  6. Thank you, so much. I will return. Your post made me feel safe here. (hyper-vigilance; paranoia — if i have ptsd, as several drs have said but never officially, it’s not from military combat. i like to be clear. thank you for the tort claims references. btw, i’m having a hard time finding the forums page here?
  7. I AM SO SORRY! i fixed it: SHIT MYSELF. not SHOT MYSELF. damn. Thank you ps. I Realize you guys are not doctors and lawyers although you might be you’re not mine. I’m just talking about it letting people know.Realize you guys are not doctors and lawyers although you might be you’re not mine. I’m just talking about it letting people know.
  8. I got a tooth extracted. Before the extraction I saw a note of the desk — didn’t know what it meant or even if it was related to me. This was an outside dentist that the VA has assigned me to — as I can no longer get to VA dental clinic due to driving-anxiety issues. Previous VA dentist sent me message: “this dentist will take care of your comprehensive dental needs.” I’m Class IV. The note said: “No bone.” since then I have looked all of the stuff up. And I realize now that I think it was quite cruel to not authorize “bone.” The dentist made a comment while doing this extraction, th
  9. However, though I only indirectly asked for it: Nothing on whether this Dr should should be allowed to continue... harassing patients with his privileged ideas of himself and the system. This guy was brand new to clinic where psychs came and went. One of them was even my outside psych once. I tried suicide and he wouldn't see me anymore --though he called me in hospital. Threw me out of his (civilian) office when I returned some other person's medical records they sent me by accident. I had been trying to get an outside referral for a decade. So every new guy that took over (tiny tucked a
  10. Yes, no that isn't me. Nor was he my psychiatrist. Weird. He should simply have written one reply to request for citation, eg, "I don't know." D'UH. As opposed to HARRASSING a VA patient. Now let me ask you: True or False: 1) All Vets are being weened off narcotics (controlled substances). 2) VA Drs psychiatrist are forbidden from prescribing Benozdiapines. 3) The above is by order of FDA and VA policy. 4) The above policy can be found in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference). The question was asked on a date ~6 weeks before receiving, and
  11. My concern has ZERO to do with any particular drug or drugs. My concern is only the psychiatrist LIED to the patient, when he said, regarding Clonazepam: “It is a controlled Substance that by VA policy, is no longer available.” and, “Yes you will find thousands of Veterans on controlled substances, Klonopin just being one of them. They are all being weaned off as directed by the federal government. The FDA to be exact.” To which I replied: “What law/reg/policy forbids you prescribing Klonopin? Specifically, so I can look it up and read it myself.“ To which he responded, after his pr
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