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  1. Thank you, vetquest. I hope you've found the health treatment and compassion you deserve.
  2. Indeed. I knew my quest was ridiculous. First, thank you for sharing. I knew this dr (psych) was lying. It was all through messaging and I went back (fall 2017) and I saved it all. He said ALL VETS are being weened off benzodiazepines by order of FDA. It took him weeks and numerous messages to NEVER answer my simple question to see the policy or directive (for him to cite it to me) ... I knew he was pulling it out of his a_s. (Not my first rodeo.) When I complained to Regional Director (asst dir) directly, I GOT A WARNING LETTER. The dr had accussed me of harassing him through the messages. He's a liar. I didn't and don't really want the drugs, so this is about nothing but data/information... truthful information from dr to patient., in this case UNTRUTHFUL. ...Which jeopardized my health -- I almost had a heart-attack when he wrote simply: You have been reported to the proper authorities. ...That was just the immediate and unexpected jeopardy... I'm used to not getting treatment so that can be at least some tiny bit mitigated. Thanks
  3. Surely there are patients receiving benzodiazepines for "anxiety" or other psychiatric disorders. Is that statement not true? I am particularly seeking the law and VA rules, which must be written and available, if they state otherwise or who gets prescribed what by rule, I want to see that. Please help me find the info. For example, I'm pretty sure you can google "VA weening PTSD benzodiazepines" or something similar and find that info. I AM NOT referring to PTSD patients. For example: Where is it WRITTEN in VA rules/law that, eg: All VA patients (or all mental patients) are being weened from these drugs? I need to see where in VA that is on the books, if it is. Any and all other comments are welcome. All clues wanted. please do not badger me with questions and not answers or data. if you don't know what i'm talking about, move on.

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