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  1. its hard t keep messages that you need when you wake up and you have hundreds. this is going to cause some some real trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some poor soul is going miss an e-mail crucial to his/her case and then the ball will be dropped!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lots of love from a woman who has gone through it for 40 plus years. medication lots of crown royal,and my bandido club brothers. but it still there and its good at times and hell at times. Good luck !!!!!!
  3. Hello my sisters and brothers, I have a question I know for sure one of you will have the answer to.First was given an sc for ptsd at 70% paying 100%IU. I was told to put in for 100% pt which I did to get a date started on this claim. I received a notice that it was concidered a non-claim because I was aready drawing 100% Unimployability. also sent paper work showing that I have been trying to get work since Dec 2008, through the texas state work force comissions veterans program.And of course they have all my records that state that my condition is stagnate and my meds have been increased througt out my my treatment. My question is- what do I have to do to get these people to declare me 100% permanent and total??? Its been 4 years now of trying to get better or find a job on these meds that make it impossible to do any work at all.I'm going broke trying to keep up with my wifes medical bills,It would be nice if I could enroll her into chapter 35,it would help out with our medical bills greatly> THANK YOU BANDIDO BILL
  5. I don't know if you can use this with your claim But my VSO helped me fill out a VA Form 21-4192 request for employment information. Where my EX- Boss made a short Statement saying I was layed of due to my many lost days and time at work due to DR appointments, pain and having to have others do my work in my absence. He also mentions my inability to maintain working relationships with the other employees due to my Ptsd. I also filled out a form 21-8940 for increased compensation based on unemployability. My Med- records do reflect social and personal problems in these areas. = 70%
  6. Thanks John---- They always ask if I have any other medical insurance when I go to the VA. Should I report the Medicar to them????
  8. Social security has sent me an automatic enrollment into their program. They say it is madatory for those who receive SSDI. My Question is who becomes primary provider and who pays what. I'm currently holding a 70% SC Paying 100% IU. Any input would be greatly apreciated . LOVE AND RESPECT BANDIDO BILL
  9. Like every one else my claim seemed like it was being stalled. Looking back I think it was done in a timely manner. My application for SSDI took only 3 months, my VA claim took from Dec 1 2008 to Aug 27 2009. they gave me 70% with 100% TDIU. This was was all done at the Waco VARO. I'm Still fighting for p&t, but I'm well saticfied with their work so far. Keep up with your appointments and your meds and you'll come out of this fine--- LOVE & RESPECT BANDIDO BILL
  10. I was told that 70% paying at100% IU was the same as 70% paying at 100% TDIU ON this forum by an elder. Still need the PT stamp to be permanent and total----- A' m I wrong ??????
  11. I draw both and have no problems here in Texas--- God Bless
  12. Thanks guys your top notch brothers and sisters If yall dont mind I have one more question. Will my treatment records from my counselor at my vet center aid in my claim? They have reference to my disabilitis saying that my disabilities prevet me from gaining emploment. It also states that I should apply for P&T Chapter 35. Love And respect-- Bandido Bill
  13. Hello folks- Hoping all is well. RE: TDIU PT. I recently filed a 21-8940 in request of a TDIU PT rating (against my VSO'S advice) to get an early efective date and maybe approval. I also applied for AA for my disabled wife. long story short- I was approved for AA for my wife and denied TDIU PT. YEA!!!! Reason ( their words verbatum) IU award was denied. reason being a review of your file shows that you were granted and awarded IU effective 12/01/08. therefore, the request you submitted on VA form21-8940 Veteran's application for increased compensation based on unemployability reieved on 08/20/10 is not considered a valid claim. You are being paid at the 100% rate for IU. your overall or combined rating is 70%. We do not add individual percentages of each condition to determine your combined rating. We use a combined rating table that considers the effect from most serious to the least serious condistions. DID they only concider IU and not my reqest for TDIU PT??? (sounds like they did) My question is now that I have a date to anchor my claim. what is my next move once I file a NOD????? the only new information I have is my treatment notes from my vet center counseler. THANX GUY'S BANDIDO BILL.
  14. Dighting?????????????? OOPS
  15. YO Still dighting for whats right!!!!
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