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  1. Thanks Pete. But for once I rally don't know if it's worth it.
  2. Berta & Vike - As you can probably guess I was aliitle steamed when I wrote that posting. Sometimes I vent without realizing that other people aren't aware of the full situation to which I am refering. For which I apologize. Unless I went into a lot of background into my personal life - which I won't do here - my situation is relatively hard to understand. I am claiming aggravation of a pre-existing condition which I was treated for as an outpatient between the ages of 16 and 18. When I was 22 I joined the military admitting that I had had past problems but was deemed fit for serv
  3. Aftyer six monthes of waiting for an ADMIN Review of my case it seems clear that VARO employees can't read. They seem to have no understanding of the rule on a "presumptive period". They admit that in a previous denial letter that they have records of me being "hospitalized" for my claimed condition within a year of discharge from active duty. Yet they claim I have to have been diagnosed with this condition while on active duty. Is it just me or does that argument for denial totally ignore the reason for having a "presumptive period". And of course they are still claiming that I didn'
  4. I too suffer from psych problems that ferequently manifest themselves physiclly including: Chest pain tightness in the chest trouble breathing spasms (convulsions) severe neck and head pain temporary loss of motor co-ordination Hyperventilation occasional or frequent inability to process what you are seeing. For example seeing oncoming traffic or traffic lights changing without being able to distinguish the importance or meaning of such events. Ofcourse these condition become worse inrelationship to the amount of strain i am under. The more strain the worse the symptoms.
  5. Selective, appearantly so do the TV stations, the newspapers and everyone else I have tried to contact about this. Is violence the only thing that's going to get peopes attention?
  6. As some of you know I contacted the ACLU recently and provided them with numourous documents about VA fraud and their treatment of vets. As some of you guessed they have refused to help. Am I like the last person on earth to know about what's going on and no-one cares or what?? Rogus
  7. Finanlly got everything organized and mailed today. The ACLU office in Kansas City MO should have it by Tuesday.
  8. foreveryoung - Trust me this kind of thing permeates the VA. Even if she were offered her job back it would be a poor decision to accept. I know neither my wife or I would accept our old jobs back at the VA in Wichita because of the unethical if not outright illegal things that go on there. Rogus
  9. Vickie - From what I understand she was told she was fired due to poor performance even though up to that point she had won several performance awards. There was an in house hearing convened where she could state her case. Having been involved in one of these hearings myself I can tell you they are anything but fair or impartial (I was asked to testify at one but wouldn't stabb my co-workers in the back). In fact the both my wife and I were victims of this kind of treatment when we worked at the VA. I can verify through personal experience that a number of the things she mentions do go on
  10. Terry - The Va in Muskogee decided to CUE themselves in 2004 and then after several NOD's they cut it in 2005. Heres the basc timeline: 1998 - applied for rating got C&P done in Topeka that stated quite clearly that this was service connected. Was denied service connection. Continued to fight the case. 2002 - Another C&P exam in Topeka (by a different doctor) again stating my condition was service connected. In 2002 I was in the psych hospital twice. claim finally awarded and back dated to 1998. 2004 - notified claim was going to be sev
  11. Just so you know - This person was fired after writing this letter.
  12. Morgan - I can't get it to work either. My email is ranchors@cox.net if you want to email me. Pete - wish I could say the same thing about Muskogee. That's where i am having all the trouble. I found several VA reg's and multilple BVA and Cova rulings they have broken when they severed my service connection. Even though I have spelled them out to Muskogee they don't want to admit their mistake.
  13. I was recently contacted by a former VARO employee that sent me this letter. I am with holding her name for her sake. It's interesting reading about someone actually acknlowdging whats happening at the VA. Office of Senator James Inhofe 1924 S Utica Suite 530 Tulsa OK 74104 This is a request for help resolving some issues at a government agency that has been using practices that are grossly unethical, and are resulting in treatment to our veterans of the armed forces that is unfair, and heartbreaking in many instances. My hope is that this letter will instigate an investigation and
  14. Well, I look at it this way. I can sit around and wait for the VA to do the right thing or I can take what little action I can. I got all this info shame to let it sit on my desk.
  15. This is the cover letter I plan on sending to the ACLU. I would appreciate any comments or corrections before I send it. To: American Civil Liberties Union From: Robert L. Anchors Wichita Kansas Dear Sir/Madam; I am writing in hopes that you may be able to help United States military veterans that are facing what has now become institutionalized fraud against disabled veterans. As you may be aware disabled veterans may file for disability payments based on injuries that occurred while on active duty at their nearest Veterans Affairs Regional Office (VARO
  16. Thanks to everyone. I searched for hours and couldn't find this stuff.
  17. Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find a copy 38 USC 511? I see it quoted frequently but can't find a complete copy of it on the web (not even at the national archives site).
  18. I agree with youngparkie. I'm only 43 and would LOVE to fill useful again. But along with my psych problems that they haven't been able to treat succesfully for over 14 years my insides are so messed up that I can't even mow my grass without spending the rest of the day being sick. Hell just being outside when the temp is over 80 and I'll become psysically ill. During the summer I'm a prisoner in my own home. And I used to make 50K.
  19. Terry- I think I have the right set of facts that you mentioned but would like like someone to look over them before I present them to the ACLU. Was wondering if you would mind taking a look if I could e-mail you copies of the info. Got too much to post here on the board. By the way I don't mind being the one to go to jail if it get's my dignity and self-respect back. Robert
  20. Sledge - you are right about this being old news. The only reason it might work now is because of all the news coverage of what's happening in IRAQ. Otherwise I would agree with you completely. But after 14 years of psych treatment and 3 trips to the psych ward I guess I'm just as crazy. John999 - I absolutely agree that there should be a draft of both men and women.
  21. Strectch makes a very good point about watching and not doing anything. My hat is off to Terry and anyone else on this site who has the ambition to take the VA to court. For some of us this is the only place we can vent our frustations to people that actually have "been there, done that", and that's fine. However, if we as a group actually want to change things we have to take some kind of action - we can fight within the system - but we already know from experience that the system is broken (otherwise we wouldn't have anything to complain about). What we really need to do is come up
  22. Your right about the DAV They seriously DONT WANT LAWYERS; Check out this posting by them: http://capwiz.com/dav/issues/alert/?alertid=8819571&type=CO Attorneys in Claims Process June 6, 2006 The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is concerned that the current claims process does not work properly. We believe Congress should focus on correcting the process, not making it more adversarial and legalistic. The question should not be whether veterans have a right to hire an attorney, but how to improve claims processing. Clearly, the solution is not to allow attorneys into the proces
  23. To Hollywood and Morgan - Please let me know what kind of responses your letters are getting. If we could coordinate our efforts that might help. thanks Robert
  24. I have to make a corection to a previous post: Hollywood - You can't sue the VA directly untill the 1933 EconomyAct is overturned. HOWEVER at the end of the month I plan to contact the ACLU (after all veterans are a minority) and see if they will challenge that law on the basis the it denies DUE PROCESS OF LAW. Which is HOW the VA gets away with screwing veterans. CORRECTION SHOULD READ: Anyone who would like to support that actiion please let me know at : rogusbunny@hotmail.com Sorry if anyone tried to email me at the other address - Was very tired when I wrote the original msg.
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