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  1. Carlie I love you! I think that will be very helpful. On another note I was wrong about the % there it is 30 PTSD 10 spinal sprain 10 spinal lumbar scholiosis. And headaches didnt rate high enough for a rewardable %.
  2. the conformation was not in that paperwork but we had recieved a letter several months prior to the denial letter. It stated that they had recieved all our info and had it all listed and it was submitted to the reveiw board.
  3. Is your denial from the VARO or BVA? Have you filed a NOD? How do I know who it is from? I don't know the diffrance between the 3.
  4. 30% PTSD; 10% headahs; 10% back injury. I will have to get the paperwork out. I may have to type it up. As of right now I only have access to my iPhone for Internet. So it might be next week that I can get it up here
  5. We put in for TBI... a year later, DENIED. What for? No relation to the military. We sent in documents from the Military Dr. who said he had TBI when my husband came back from Iraq. We sent in letters from those who knew about the 70 mph crash from explosion as proof and came to the rescue. We would send in a letter from those who were in the Humvee with him... but alas most of them either didn't make it back from Iraq, committed suicide, or just disappeared from everyones radar... even family. RIP :D The VA seems to be hung up on the fact that he didn't go to a Dr. and have it recorded after the accident. Hello, unless it is a life or death you don't get medical care.... even if you were knocked unconscious. My dear husband, whom we will call evilerny, has been referred to the TBI special program to get help, by one of their very own VA doctors. The TBI clinic say indubitably he has TBI. He was sent to the neurologist as one of his C&P and finally received the results... after we were already denied. The Nero Dr said that their was definitely scar tissue and that evilerny should go to the TBI clinic... yeah we have already been there. So here is the catch, our denial letter states the reason for denial is for lack of proof... but yet on the pages to follow where they explain why, they say in so many words that according to the C&P they don't believe he has it anyway. Hmmmm???? We have given pictures, letters, things different from before and after. medical documents from after he came back from Iraq. So I digress, What more can we do?
  6. Ok so here it is. I am an Army Brat; daughter to a WO-4; MP myself; and wife to the most amazing man ever (sorry to all the men out there but it is what it is ) an Infantry Sniper. I know the military from almost every side. My blood runs true (I would say blue but I am female). I love the military and all those that are in it. I like to say that the military is like an abusive relationship, they beat you up, treat you like crap and you still come back for more. :D The reason why I am here is for answers like so many others but also the kind of comradery that only comes from those who have served. My mission for the people on this site is to help keep my family together. I need those who can support and help me be that women who will stand by her man as we find our way through the front lines of being a combat veteran away from war, no matter how dangerous it may become. If you so choose to accept, my eternal gratitude will be your reward. I know it isn't much but hey we are military we are used to giving up everything for bread crumbs right?!?! :D I shall see you in the trenches... oh, I mean posts!
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