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  1. djpsworld

    Any Answers?

    Thanks again John999. I just received 30% for anxiety, depression, and alcoholism in remission. The alcoholism was unexpected. C&P doc ask how much I drank. I told him, I quit a year after my medical discharge, but the last year and a half of my service, I was sent to rehab twice. I have a couple months left at my VA job. The fers medical retirement is in the process. I'm still working 3-4 days a week with restrictions because of the lab shortage. My job is posted, I will be done if they find a replacement or when the retirement process is complete. My service rep told me I'm not able to file for 100% due to unemployability because I'll make too much from fers medical retirement which is only 40%. Is this true? Is unemployability also based on monthly income? Thank you again, Dan
  2. djpsworld

    Any Answers?

    Thank you John999, the wife agrees about the referral to a psychiatrist. I'll call monday. Dan P
  3. djpsworld

    Any Answers?

    Bravo6, Thank you! Do you happen to know where I can find a link to the form I need to fill out. Dan P
  4. djpsworld

    Any Answers?

    ScottC, I see your posts are a year old, but I have some questions. My case is similar. I am 40% for Degenerative Disc Disease and herniation of L5-S1. 18 months ago it got worst and I have been working 3-4 days week at the VA. 6 months ago my manager tried to get me put out on FERRS disability, I freaked out and went to the union. The union stopped the disability process and now I'm using FMLA to take a day off each week. I saw my VA Dr last week and she wanted to know if I wanted to be permanently put to part-time. (That would mean I would be put out of work on FERRS disability unless I settled for a part-time job.) I asked for another 6 months of 4 days a week, because I was waiting for my service connection increase. I just received my increase decision. I'm continued 40% for DDD and now receive 10% for Radiculopathy for left leg totaling 50%. In December of this year I will run out of FMLA to take the day off a week and my doctor will ask again if I want to be put to permanently part-time. I'm thinking I'll go to part-time and let the FERRS disability process start. When I'm put out on FERRS disability I'll file for TDIU. My doctor thinks part-time work would be best for me. I work in the lab standing only, with occasional sitting allowed. Anybody have any thoughts. I think I can get the 10% for left leg increased to 20% so I can have the 60% needed for filing TDIU.
  5. djpsworld

    Envelope Came Today.

  6. djpsworld

    August Roll Call

  7. The urine drug screen for alcohol metabolites stay in your system about 3.5 days, but everyone's system is different. If you have kidney problems, it could be even longer.
  8. I work in the lab and see patients denied refills for narcotics because of negative drug screens. If you are told to take them as needed, please take them the day before a lab or doctor visit. This will prevent delays in refills.
  9. I work at the VA in Maine. There is a hiring freeze right now because of the budget. The VA I'm at is short two people to draw blood. The VA is not going to hire any new people until the vets start complaining about the wait. This probably goes for all departments. If you have any long waits for medical care, make sure you stop by patient advocacy or call to complain, this is the only way vacant positions will be filled.
  10. djpsworld

    July 2010 - Roll Call

    Present. Dan
  11. If the VA has two or more docs, PAs, or NPs with the same last name, they will differentiate by using all caps or lower case letters. Good luck with the exam.
  12. Sorry, I'm new to Hadit, and didn't realize this string was over a year old.
  13. I'm a vet that works in a VA lab. I think you can go the release of info and get a list of everyone who has entered your medical records. I'll check Thursday when I go back to work.
  14. djpsworld

    New To Site

    Hello, I had a medical discharge in 1990 for back. I get 40% from VA and went to voc rehab. I've been working at the VA laboratory for 2 years now in the laboratory. I glad I found this site. I learned of it at the VA. Dan :)
  15. djpsworld



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