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  1. How did your counselor add your dependants to your Voc Rehab?? I have currently been paid for my husband but not my 3 other dependants for voc rehab subsistance, but they are on my comp. At first my new counselor told me that my old and worthless counselor should have added them and that she could look at my comp to add them to my subsistance. She said I was going to get a large sum of money for the retro from when the dependants were added on originally, but this was a month ago. I was supposed to get the retro around May 7th and that has come and gone and nothing. So I tried to call her and got no response, I emailed her and got no response. I tried to call the office to talk to someone else and then she calls and leaves me a message the next morning mad that I have been trying to get a hold of her and saying she is going above and beyond her duties to try to fix this. In the mean time I sent up an IRIS to see what was going on and was told that the forms were incomplete and I needed to fix them. I never filled out any forms and they make it sound like it is my fault. So I email her and tell her that the forms were filled out incomplete and she emails me a 21-686c to fill out and a 21-4138 to write up a statement saying when I was married, when the dependants became my dependants, etc and told me to send them to the RO. Isn't it her job to fill out the paperwork? I can't get any answers and I was told by my local VA office that I should not have to fill out that paperwork for voc rehab. I'm so confused. I was counting on this money to pay some bills and get my life back in order. Don't know what to do.
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