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  1. Great news! Your statement about the kind and compassionate examiner I believe is the key. Evidence for a claim is important but the examiner can tilt the decision the wrong way many times. Again enjoy the increase and keep up the fight.
  2. Following is a word for word: "We assigned a permanent 100% combined or overall disability evaluation for your service connected disabilities effective 11-01-11. Basic eligibility to Dependents Educational Assistance is granted from 11-01-11, the date entitlement arose" The award letter went on to give info about how to contact ChampVa and all the other stuff you mentioned. "The issue IU is moot as you are currently 100% schedular." Thanks, John46
  3. Carlie, Maybe I can wear two pair at at time. Ha! Thanks, the cost of a stamp is worth it
  4. First let me say that I have been receiving the clothing allowance for years (right knee brace). Recently I was issued a brace for the left knee (SC). I read here or somewhere that it was possible to get the clothing allowance for each SC condition. Does anyone have any information on this or was I just dreaming?
  5. Just went to the mailbox and there it was the most beautiful white envelope that I had ever seen. I tore it open like a kid at Christmas. I saw the words permanent 100% schedular and moot for unemployability. It also contained forms concerning education etc. for dependants. Can't wait to call the number Monday for ChampVa. Thanks to all of you who unknowingly have helped me on this journey.
  6. I have been 60% (right knee) for about 2 years and finally got the left knee (secondary 30%) about the same time. I have had about 11 surgeries on the right which include 3 TKR and a TKR on the left about a year and half ago. I already had 60% for IHD and an additional 10% in relation to clots related to the knees. At the last C&P the Dr. indicated that the severity of the left knee was equal to the right knee and checked the boxes that matched 60% on the rating schedule. The exam was for TDIU. What was ironic the echo test for the heart indicated that my METS were up which matched 30% (do
  7. My 1 year convelscent was up in Dec. '11 and I had filed for TDIU. As I had stated from an earlier post that the C&P Dr. had checked the boxes (Knees) that indicated an increase which would put me at 95%. I called the bank and the retro indicated that I have been awarded 100%. Will not know if it is for TDIU or Schedular until the envelope arrives. Thanks to all of you here at Hadit for encouraging others to never give up.
  8. I reread the complete C&P report (28 pages). The part for knees the Dr. marked (Chronic residuals consisting of severe painful motion or weakness) He checked this for both knees. I checked and this corresponds to 60% unter 5055. But I also noted that the echo for the heart corresponds to 30% down from 60%. I also have a 10% for problems related to blood clots which was not addresed in this exam. If this is correct then this would put me at 95%= 100% whereas I am currently at 93%=90%. This is the first time that I have seen this type of worksheet for the exams. Maybe the IU will be moot an
  9. My C&P has been turned in: Currently I am rated for 90%. Here is what the Dr. wrote: "IU" Opinion. "This veteran is unable to do or maintain any type of work that falls into the heavy category. He has significent heart disease with episodes of chest pain. Anything to do with heavy lifting and straining is contraindicated due to his heart disease. He also would be unable to do heavy work due to his knees with multiple surgeries on the right knee and instability. He would also be prevented from doing light work due to the instability and the heart problem, and due to instability of his knees
  10. Lowe's in Ruston and Shreveport give 10% with VA card (Louisiana)
  11. The grandson (7) said Papa be sure and bring your heart medicine with you ( Disney World), we are going to put you on the scary, wild rides. Think I'll stay out by the pool and critque the new styles in bikins
  12. Money to live on while we wait for the TDIU. Plus will be getting Social Security in a few months. Plan on buying a pitching machine for the grandkids which pitches both baseballs and softballs. The boy is 7 and the girl is 9. I guess when we get old we live out our lives through our grandkids. I still regret not playing college baseball when I had the opportunity and the grandson is better at 7 than I was at 7.
  13. Called the bank this morning and the money was there. It added up to $3143. The difference between 90% and 100% plus the other was $9828. Thanks for all you do to help vets.
  14. Thanks, the VSO said we would file for TDIU after the retirement takes effect (6/15/11. He said to write a letter to my employer stating I was retireing for medical reasons and that it wouldn't hurt to get one from them which will be no problem, and then file.
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