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  1. Been busy lately. Had stress test, found blockage. Have appointment in a week with civilian heart doctor. Scared of VA (specialists). Wish everyone success with their claims. Thanks to all for all the info that I have obtained here.
  2. Pete Louisiana also has the exemption for widows of 100% Vets if she doesn't remarry. Check with each Parish (county) for details. The exemption is double the Homestead Exemption which is $75,000 for everyone.
  3. For all veterans who qualify for VA care should be able to go to any doctor that accepts Medicare and let VA pick up the tab. Have the vets doctor fill out any C&P exams or better yet have a specialist (in that field) do the exam. That would solve the care we get overnight. I believe in the long run money would be saved.
  4. They charged me extra for the lens that change, but that was the only charge.
  5. Louisiana just passed a Constitutional Amendment for TDIU 100% veterans. The law now reads that wherever the parish (county) had passed the double homestead exemption for 100% vets it now would include the 100% TDIU vets. The exemption is $75,000 for everyone and is $150,000 for disabled 100% vets. Check each parish to make sure they passed the first exemption. This information can be found at each parish tax office.
  6. As Mel Tillis would say, "every day above ground is a good day." For all who have claims, don't give up and may there be success."
  7. Called in for my pain medication and got the runaround. I told the nurse that I was aware of the pressure by the DEA and she did not deny it. She stated that the Dr. could not refill the med because I had not seen him in the last 3 months. I advised her that it had been about one (1) month since my last appointment. They made an appointment for me and the meds arrived in two days. The Dr. himself has stated that he believes that I am not addicted because a 30 day supply lasts up to 75 days many times as the pain is not always constant. Will find out what is going on next month at the appointm
  8. John46

    Roll Call

    Been a while. Moved and bought a house. Have become a full time baseball, football, softball and dance line grandpa. Ferrying grandkids around is a full time job. Wish everyone well with all their claims. Remember to never give up.
  9. My annual clothing allowance was posted at the bank in the amount of 764.30. Can anyone tell me why the odd amount the VA rounded off I thought. I did not have to reapply. Thanks, John
  10. Great news! Your statement about the kind and compassionate examiner I believe is the key. Evidence for a claim is important but the examiner can tilt the decision the wrong way many times. Again enjoy the increase and keep up the fight.
  11. Following is a word for word: "We assigned a permanent 100% combined or overall disability evaluation for your service connected disabilities effective 11-01-11. Basic eligibility to Dependents Educational Assistance is granted from 11-01-11, the date entitlement arose" The award letter went on to give info about how to contact ChampVa and all the other stuff you mentioned. "The issue IU is moot as you are currently 100% schedular." Thanks, John46
  12. Carlie, Maybe I can wear two pair at at time. Ha! Thanks, the cost of a stamp is worth it
  13. First let me say that I have been receiving the clothing allowance for years (right knee brace). Recently I was issued a brace for the left knee (SC). I read here or somewhere that it was possible to get the clothing allowance for each SC condition. Does anyone have any information on this or was I just dreaming?
  14. Just went to the mailbox and there it was the most beautiful white envelope that I had ever seen. I tore it open like a kid at Christmas. I saw the words permanent 100% schedular and moot for unemployability. It also contained forms concerning education etc. for dependants. Can't wait to call the number Monday for ChampVa. Thanks to all of you who unknowingly have helped me on this journey.
  15. I have been 60% (right knee) for about 2 years and finally got the left knee (secondary 30%) about the same time. I have had about 11 surgeries on the right which include 3 TKR and a TKR on the left about a year and half ago. I already had 60% for IHD and an additional 10% in relation to clots related to the knees. At the last C&P the Dr. indicated that the severity of the left knee was equal to the right knee and checked the boxes that matched 60% on the rating schedule. The exam was for TDIU. What was ironic the echo test for the heart indicated that my METS were up which matched 30% (do
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