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  1. Replying to my own post.Letter in mail.insomnia a symptom of bipolar.Bipolar increased to 100%.Looks like a good claim me with exception of no money for me.
  2. Thanks I used ebenefits and uploaded my claim & medical evidence.Got two call today.Va called to claim they recieved my claim and be ready for exam. Lhi called and I will telehealth 3/25 so claim seems to be moving at lightening speed.
  3. Well after six years I have filed a new claim for insomnia to see if it will rate on its own. Filed online with all docs & evidence attached.Phone call from Va 3/15/2021.Exam set up telehealth 3/25/2021.Wish me luck.
  4. get a private doctor,preferably neorologist.Ihave one right now that got my in and did four injections.They were all paid through Tri West Va contacted them and he jumped on it even with covid shutting down.
  5. My last claim was a formal claim for Iu after they inferred it on a previous claim.Last claim in 2015 got me 100% Tdiu perm & total.
  6. Well after 8 months of me squalling my c-file is enroute to me.Just shy of 8 months.At seven months sicced my congressman on them along with White House Complaint.
  7. I am 100% for Bipolar and it pays to be honest with doctors. I always remind them that I check myhealthyevet for their treatment notes.
  8. I started in 1994 and retired my claims in 2015. I am interested in helping other vets.
  9. I am now at 100% due to TDIU. Backdated to January 2015.SSDI dated to Feb 2015.Also forgot to mention I am permanent and total.
  10. Looks like no extra money but was done strickly for the principal of winning on my records that regional overlooked.
  11. Got another 10% for my right knee by burying them in evidence. About two years backtime if my percentage changes.
  12. My wag is 30% not enough symptoms checked for 50 and gaf is high. I am 50% for mental myself but my c&p was a big deal difference comparing to yours. Next step is treatment. Va loves paper and treatment records can boost you up percentage wise.
  13. Thanks guys still working and in treatment.Will leave it be for now.
  14. Thanks still working with accommodations from boss. marriage is suffering but still doable for salvage so I think it may be left alone for now. I must say was impressed with Foia request,New Orleans filled it in less that a month for my full claim file.
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