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  1. Hi everyone, hope you all are safe and sound in mind and body this day. I am having trouble with the VA system here in Corpus Christi but thats not what I am gonna post :) Any whoo...I received a rating of 100% for PTSD with 20% for Major Depression and 40% for Invertable Disc Syndrome and another 20% for arthralgia and knee pain. I dont know how this adds up. I havent gotten my envelope yet but my VSO told me the ratings and to wait for the ruling which he said will stay the same. One thing I have learned is dont pay any attention to the DAV. Any way I know 100% pays a X amount of $$ what does the extra percentages mean? I am out of all of my meds so I am a little emotional and cranky so dont mind me. just been crying all day and pissing myself off. Any help would be appreciated. My email is Corey_hearn@hotmail.com if anyone wants to shoot me a letter :) holy shit I feel like crap.
  2. Afsp377th

    100% Plus Multiple Ratings?

    Well it looks like a 50% chance of either or, I am contacting my DAV rep today and getting the final scoop. I appreciate all of your responces, you cant ask for better help and concern. I will update the decision after I talked to the regional DAV office in Milwaukee. Thanks everyone! God Bless
  3. Afsp377th

    100% Plus Multiple Ratings?

    Thanks for the input, this crap is all greek to me. I love the part where you piss off your neigbors, thats classic haha. I was an in patient in the va hospital for a year and it was hell believe me. More like prison. I am not even sure I am happy about it which is sad I think. At this point I am just grateful to god that I got anything. Thanks again for the reply!
  4. I am math dumb what is 100+40+20+20? in VA terms? not a freakin clue.

    1. brokensoldier244th


      What do you mean? You are at 100% schedular now.

  5. Afsp377th

    After 15 Years

    Hi I am not new to hadit, I was here before the new forums went up. Dropped off the radar and landed in the VA health hospital for a year for PTSD. I want to say hello to all the vets here and their support. I was in the 377th sps Air Force retired. 100% disabled and am here for any vets needing help and get a hold of anyone. If you need to talk to someone about any problems you have please feel free to contact me. I try to help all I can, I know what it feels like to not have support and out there on your own fighting. Glad to be here.
  6. Afsp377th

    After 15 Years

  7. Afsp377th

    After 15 Years

    Old screen name was "Isostran" back then I was trying to file claims with my arms tied behind my back. Thanks Bertie, I recognize your name from when I was here last. I just got my 100%, plus 40%, plus 20% whatever that means. Still moving into a new area in getting compensation.

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