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  1. and not only does my claim NOT start til about 2010, the TDIU isn't filed until only about 3 yrs ago.
  2. OK guys! --It's Juan. I have some internet today. But my access to a working compter, wifi and space to think and type will be rough on me for a bit. Today I'm lucky. And I'm lucky to have yall, thank you. I'm in California, for a bit of a time to learn how to treat myself properly, without painkillers, or mood stabilizers. With only cannabis. So i dont have access to my records and my wife and I are trying to patch this together and hopefully get it put through. Short synopsis is that my case was back on remand after a positive decision by the bva connecting my
  3. Hello everyone. I am Juans's wife. He currently does not have computer access and cannot read or write on the message boards from his phone and will have limited access for the next several months. We received a letter asking for form 21-4192 from last employers. Firstly, all the previous employers are no longer in business so it is virtually impossible to get anything. Secondly, they should have had all this a long time ago because he submitted documents from the previous employers that he was not injured during any of those jobs. I thought the last request for documents was the final one and
  4. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you Tyr, I kinda shut down and could do nothing. I left it much to the fates and completed my C&P Exams today. I had filled out my 5103, which by the way, said that it could be turned in anytime within 1 yr., so, deadline averted even though I think they may say its 2 days late. I haven't forgotten they should've had this done 18 months ago. They can wait two days! At any rate, I felt like these C&P Exams which were a 3rd party contracted medical group in Tampa, went pretty good. My gut feeling is that the Physician's were fair, and neutral.
  5. This is my situation: But, the St Pete VARO sent me requests for more ROI authorization signatures. But I have already sent in my 5103. Do I still have to send in more ROI's? If so, I have no idea for what who or when to authorize them for. Another issue, is out of the blue, this C&P Contractor company QTC Medical Services Informed me yesterday that I will have 3 C&P Exams next week ( Dec 5,6th). Two of which are in Tampa. For someone who has serious issues with stress and anxiety, thats like getting hit with a ton of bricks. lol Seriously though, the ROI thin
  6. Thanks guys for the advice. Andyman73 It seems like we just go to the eBenefits website and submit the FDC (fully developed claim ) intent, because I have not filed one yet My issue, currently, is that my case was remanded from the BVA after they found in my favor for my neck condition. So it was hung up for the last 18 months, now I have reminded them they got work to do on my PTSD claim and some secondary issues. In the mean time, my ROM had gotten worse, which would change my percentage significantly. on it own. So I don't want to screw the timing on that other stuff up by re
  7. OK guys, something new with this I guess. I was going through my medical records and it seems my PT ROM measurements last December would have basically qualified me for an increase. My cervical Flexion ROM is 10% Extension 5% R S/B 5% L S/B 5% R rotation 20% and L rotation at 20%. So now that I know this, how do I inform them of it and request that THAT be addressed as well? Man, smh, I'm a mess!! lol
  8. ....if the new information warrants it? I just noticed something about my case, medical records. Last December I was in PT due to increased pain. And the sessions ended with new range of motion testing that clearly were much worse than before. Meaning that my condition has gotten worse since my C & P exams a couple yrs ago. Shouldn't that have triggered an increase in %?
  9. OK Berta, thank you. So I am going to reply back with the list of evidence they already have. AND add in the 1151 for the dental stuff. Very good. as always, I appreciate you!!!
  10. And their Letter came today. And go figure, they are asking for more evidence. I submitted a nice neat little repackage of everything 18 months ago. I do not believe there has been anything new to add. Just continuing treatment notes. However, now I have dental effects that I'm affraid to submit due to the way they recycle the start time on your claim each time you give them something new. Anyway, attached is the meet of what they sent me. Redacted VARO October 28 communication.docx
  11. The latest ISIS reply came on Friday of last week, It appears if they are on it and so I''m guessing I should wait and let this play out? Here is the meat: Your claim dated December 22, 2013 has been established and is being processed. A letter dated October 28, 2016 has been sent to your address of record regarding your claim. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Our records show that you do not have a Veterans Service Organization to assist you wil VA matters. We recommend that you appoint a Veterans Service Organization moving forward. For more inform
  12. So my understanding of the last IRIS reply is that now they are aware there are open issues, so it will be reviewed to see what is happening. Is that what they are saying?
  13. I emailed him back and directed him to the place in the decision that I have attached above. here's his reply: We have forwarded a request for information to your Regional Office (RO) regarding the additional conditions you submitted for consideration, including Individual Unemployability (IU), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), acquired psychiatric disorder, and additional contentions. They will research this issue further and respond to you directly regarding their findings. Thank you for contacting us. If you have questions or need additional help with the information in
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