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  1. Call the President's VA complaint line at 1-855-948-2311.
  2. Broncovet-20 years ago Bill Clinton was the President, Jesse Brown was the travelling VA Secretary, he went all over the world --but I know of no VA's in Europe, then he resigned in mid 1997, Hershel Gober took over, and the BVA had only 10,223 claims decisions in 1997. And those were the days of "not well grounded" BS. The local VAMC where I live was run by the NSC DOM vets and they called the place a golf club. All of the above has changed. Another lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court charging the VA as causing the suicide of a veteran. Since the Phoenix scandal that too has changed the way some families view the VA and try to speak for the dead. I get this malpractice stuff at least once a week with a google alert. That too has gotten worse.
  3. GREAT!!! did the VA say anything about TDIU in the decisions or enclose the TDIU form? Or if not you are probably employed. This is Great News.
  4. John, we will have full text of the VA Accountability Act by then, as President Trump is signing it today, and what better subject to discuss....!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum Yum.......
  5. It was brief from Pete....President Trump will sign the Accountability Act later today. Whistleblower protection., better health care, and a firing process of VA incompetents that overrides the union's power.( which has kept the VA down for decades. AFGE. I dont forget that both POTUS and Shulkin are civilians, but Trump went to a Military school ,- so my point is-even civilians can learn a lot about what the military teaches us as well as learn VA case law and they are both on a VA 101 learning curve. It is going to be Veterans that will teach them by contacting the Secretary or the WH hot line, ( and civilians like me- a very proud Honors graduate of the American Military University- which has enhanced my ability here in more ways then I could say-) I feel optimistic for the first time in decades that all of us can make the VA Great!
  6. Buck within minutes, Sec Shulkin or someone from VA will be on Fox with Pete Hegseth (I hope I didnt miss it- ) and it is the Accountability Bill that should impact the VA budget- not only does Sec Shulkin have my strong statement to him on one way that would save VA millions..but .also by getting rid of the well paid dead weight at VAROs and other VA departments who are just waiting for their FERs retirement and know at this point, no matter how they screw up, they would still have a job. It is the accountability bill and the sensitive issue I wrote to Sec and pres about and their idea to utilize many many buildings on VA land that are not being used at all by VA, that will develop a good budget...equitable to veterans and in time, could produce more opportunities for VA to save money. We have 4 beautiful large homes ,for example at the Bath VA. Former directors as well as a VA employee friend of mine rented those homes from VA. Now the homes are empty---and could easily be used for homeless veterans......Hegseth is on Fox ( Ch 360) hope VA news comes next....... Even our Bath VAMC hospital has plenty of empty space---and since NYSDVA rents a small home next to the Chapel with one state vet rep ( they used to have 4-5) other entities could easily rent space at my VAMC for offices in a beautiful surrounding, geared to veterans or even the private sector..... they do not have to look to any type of compensation at all to develop a very viable budget.
  7. Buck I posted somewhere here the statement Shulkin made on backing off on this idea,I also heard him state his intent to back off at the annual Reps-Dems ball game, multiple vet orgs- ( Stars and Stripes,, etc etc) have posted the demise of this snafu, and VBN at Yuku has moved all further discussions on it to their Social forum.They have far more important issues for vets to deal with in their main forums. Here is S & S's article on his recent testimony, referring to this issue. I posted either his entire Press Release here or had a link to it at the VA web site. I spent over a half an hour this AM trying to find it here and also in my email--but I think I probably deleted it. I get email from VA almost every day and just save the important stuff It was in Press Release email from the VA . Every vet org on line , and the Big Six orgs on line, all had a Reliable source as I did here. The reliable source was Secretary Shulkin.
  8. Berta,

    I am fairly new to this site and just read your comment about your husband's untimely death due to the VA's negligence.  I am truly sorry for your loss and unfortunately know the pain of losing someone when it could have been avoided.

    God bless you and your family for your service and sacrifice.   

  9. Broncovet. that was Very kind...but I sure don't know everything about VAOLA- no one does.. And I never guess on a regulation, I find it and post it here if needed to support my opinion on and many claims issues.And thank you for posting that DIC info rundown the other day. Some DIC claims go smoothly and others are a battle. They become difficult when a grieving spouse gets overwhelmed by the DIC claims process. Just like vets, first time as claimants. and if you don't have PTSD from service, the VA will sure give it to you if you (meaning all vets and spouses) let them get you down. Speaking of the Federal Register...I am thinking of Buck;s great post on the rule making procedure.... it would be great if anyone here has the time to create a google alert for any new proposed rules re: VA in the Fed Register. I used to do it, but do not have the time...anymore..... Thank you again but don't forget Broncovet-I sure learn a lot here too because every claim is often very unique...and every poster helps others
  10. The TDIU SSDI issue is moot ziltch, over, done with .I posted the Secretary's statement on that a week ago or more here
  11. Dr Patrick Dang is a Board certified family practitioner....if this was in Orlando Fla. I didnt find any negative info on him. He has only been in practice for 14 years. I did not find any qualifications for any specific disability. Sounds like a really nice guy from what I his private practice. The X rays will tell more as to your problems. QTC exams are owned by the VA until the decision is made....(has that changed ...anyone?) meaning you sure might not be able to get a copy of the exam until the RO makes the decision on your claim. It is a grossly unfair situation because if the C & P is done at a VAMC you can get a copy fairly fast and then you would know what to expect on the decision. C & P exams control the outcome of claims. What actually is the claim for?
  12. You got "real" answers from me and others here. As I had replied, I had a 1151 issue ( I discovered VA had never diagnosed and treated my husbands diabetes mellitus, 9 years after his death. I already had won wrongful death case...but discovered 3 more malpractice conditions, emailed Dr Craig Bash, then he called me, I had prepared a cover letter and highlighted the evidence to support my lay medical opinion. mailed it to him with his IMO fee, and within days he called me to say he had prepared the IMO. You will need an IMO. If you were denied by the BVA can you give us the Docket number so that we can read the decision. If you were denied at RO level can you scan and attach the decision here? (Cover C file , name prior to scanning it) You posted in different threads and those replies are somewhere here, and in your profile page. The General COunsel of the VA accepted my lay medical evidence and I won wrongful death without any IMO. 1997. These are lawyers who can read. VACO got an opinion from their top cardiologist and it supported my claim. Prior to that VA hid from them a Peer Review report done a few months after I filed SF 95, that fully supported my lay medical opinion.I didnt find it until many years later....and used it for my AO IHD death claim. My point is -I was unwilling to take a chance with the DMII claim and I got 3 IMos and ordered a 4th IMO but the BVA award came in the mail and the Forensic IMO docs refunded half of my prior fee payment. They had not prepared the IMO yet. IMO docs can be searched for here and even by searching at the BVA in recent claims for DMII , in cases where an IMO caused the award. Sometimes those doctors names appear in the BVA decision. Also there is a list of Endocrinologist IMo docs here somewhere......but maybe that was on the older hadit board. IMos for me were an investment I was glad to make. If an IMO or IME follows the criteria here at hadit, (which I based on 2 IMOs from Dr BAsh-a former VA doctor) then regardless of what some dumb C & P doctor says, the VA will award the claim under Relative Equipoise..... IF the secondarys can definitely be attributed to the DMII with no other medical etiology.
  13. I heard the Big Six except for one vet org, wanted to support the TDIU -SSA crap. The Big Six: Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Purple Heart, AMVETS, Vietnam Veterans Of America. AMVETS spoke out against it right away. I dont know if the other 5 changed their support I believe the VA will change due to the new Administration. But that will depend on input from vets, telling their story to the Sec or POTUS. They have a task force handling these calls at the White House.
  14. I am bumping this up and adding a BVA link, because we had a CLL-M Agent Orange veteran's spouse here recently---- I dont think she has returned yet....a new member The BVA case is in that link and might help her
  15. I am marking my calendar right now John....6-29-17 at 1 PM EST.