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Status Updates posted by Berta

  1. I do not read or react to profile posts- I dont have time-

  2. Please post questions in the main public forums.

    That way others can advise and others can get help with similar problems.,


  3. PLEASE POST this stuff in the main Forum.

    That is where the answers are- 

  4. It regarded a new member (Ann Bracey) and I moved it to the DIC forum. Kay'2009 's post was at hadit already.

    The site has beome so large that sometimes I have to go to my profile to find my past replies-if nothing else works- or threads the same vet started in different topic areas ( frustrating)and the search feature brings up way too much to go through sometimes.

    I have missed probably many profile questions  over the years-

    I dont see the point of joining a public web site, where many of us might need to help with the claim, and as I mentioned to Ann, when I moved her post to the DIC forum ( New Member needs help) our public advice and replies might help others.

    Actually that is a fact when members join who have already succeeded in their claims, because, as a guest they have taken the time to  read the info they needed to succeed.



  5. PLEASE ask your questions in the MAIN forums!

    Hadit is a Public forum and every post and reply  there might help someone else.

    1. Buck52


      Ms berta I moved this post to the Claims Research forums.

  6. PLEASE do not post a claims question in my profile.


    I only read them if the notification dings when I am on line- and you will get more help in the public forum-

    1. treysnonna


      Ok, sorry.  Don’t remeber doing it,  but probably did.

  7. I will copy and put your question into the Main Claims Research forum-


  8. please post questions in the main forums-I dont read  stuff posted in my profile

  9. Please post your questions and attachments in the pubic forum.

    More will be able to reply.


  10. Please post claims questions in the main public forum.

    you will get more help that way.



  11. Please post in the main forums-

    Your question will get more attention there from others.

    I only go to my profile as a last resort (when I cannot find on the main forums what I am looking for)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Steppenwolf


      I did message T-bird about hoping to start a topic that would stimulate contributions from members. My post about " uniting " was one attempt at doing that and when I check back I see the " Steppenwolf " replied to "Steppenwolf" and that's it on that post. No one seems to have any thoughts or comments. That is okay I suppose but there is a part of me that thinks ( I am saying this with tongue in check ) that the zombie apocalypse is not about flesh eaters but is about brain eaters and APATHY.

    3. Steppenwolf


      Don't mean to offend anyone so I would like to explain. Yet my attempt to post this way because I am having problem with simple typing input is resulting in posting this way. At the same time after timing out I had copied to clipboard my post that would have otherwise been lost. Then I sign back in and can't find this post until I scroll down to the bottom and find your post with 3 replies and I know that is me. I click on that, paste my post, and when I go to state a follow up just hitting the space bare triggers me out of the body of the post and down to the bottom of the page. I manage to change that around by putting the cursor on the "o" in the word "to" and creat a run on word which I later managed to correct.

      But just saying this here take me away from what I REALLY want to say and to ask YOU or any legal expert here on hadit.

    4. Steppenwolf


      Now I need to leave to pick up my mail at the PO before it closes. Will check back later to see if this is still here.      Thanks for understanding!

  12. Please don't post claims stuff in my profile page.I don't read or answer claims stuff there.

    1. ardodd


      Understood. And I am looking to find the delete content part.

  13. Please don't post claims questions here.



  14. Please post claims questions at the public forum.

    I probably won't even notice the question here and it will go unanswered by me...

  15. Please don't ask for my personal contact info.

  16. Anyone else here get IG restricted report under a Foia?

  17. I just caught this here- no I never got a real vacation- as soon as I get my AO claim resolved I will be taking some time off to get away from it all---

  18. I came her at 5:37 AM only be feel I am being drawn into an argument.Unfortunately it wont work but it will limit my presense at the AO forum.

    1. justrluk


      Ms. Berta - for what it's worth, I've always appreciated your inputs/feedback. Don't let one issue like this spoil your day...

    2. usmcgirl


      me too! i look foward to your input and think highly of your feedback. your knowledge is beyond reproach!!

    3. usmcgirl


      me too! i look foward to your input and think highly of your feedback. your knowledge is beyond reproach!!

  19. To clarify- that above "vacation" never happened. The day my daughter came home our small village lost our first Iraq casualtywe knew he family well.Then NY newspapers had a serious story involving a vet who was thoroughly victimized by the VA.

    For 4-5 days a bunch of us NY advocates kicked some VA ass.At VA Central in DC.

    The veteran's comp was restored -he got a large re...

    1. john999



                    You are at the top of the heap in my book and always will be since I admire you as a person,  vet advocate and heroic woman!  Don't even get too pissed off at hadit members who might step

      on your toes.    What you have done as a survivor to get your husband the ratings he deserved and getting your DIC is really above and beyond what most of us could even dream about.   I am pretty

      disabled these days but I can put my two cents worth into the discussion.






  20. I usually never see these questions here. I access my profile a lot when I need to research for a reply and then forget who asked and where and I can go to Post or Topic thing here in my profile to find out where to get back to.And who asked the question. I just happened to catch your question here todaySgtMaj-

    All my claims work is done solely in the public hadit forum.

  21. I just responded to your question in the forum.

  22. on VACATION Yippee bt will try to be here from time to time.

    1. ammodad



  23. Yes Happy Easter to all-yesterday we had a little bit of SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Josh


      And snow is good news Berta_ Ski or snowmobile or just like to build snowwomen.. he he he Josh

    2. Jerrel


      SNOW oh no I think that I will go sking.hehe.

    3. Jerrel


      SNOW oh no I think that I will go sking.hehe.

  24. Jerrel-I have been your friend for YEARS now-I hope the storm didnt hit you bad-will call you later-if we still have power!

  25. I emailed you. Thanks.

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