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  1. Ddsr

    Hello Berta. I am aware that you are well respected on Hadit here and I am needing help. I am hoping the person that chose to say hurtful things on here to me regarding a very loved Hadit member that passed away does not cause me to have further distrust for using this site. I have been blessed to have found this site to assist me with my claims. I also met a great man on here that was very helpful and knowledgable. I am very saddened that another member would choose to try and hurt my trust and memories of my time spend with this member now deceased. I think it is pitiful that this member on here is saying such things. Who can I report this too so this member does not do this to other veterans. I am on here only to help as much as possible to pass on information learned from this wonderful man I met on here that is now no longer with us. Thank You so much. Daniel Doering Sr.

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    2. Berta


      Unfortunately Buck does get things mixed up-

      he told someone they could a expect a windfall under Nehmer and what a broohaha that started-

      I consider myself an expert on Nehmer and AO and the 'claimant" ,his cousin, did not have a single basis for a claim when her father died.

      It seemed like he blamed ME for the fact that his cousin got very angry at him,because his advice was all wrong.

      You said:

      I have a specific message from him before I was awarded my TDIU in which he stated I would be denied. A month later I was awarded the TDIU with P&T. "

      20 lawyers told me I would never be able to succeed in my wrongful death case.

      I did all of the legal and medical work myself and won.

      My former so called idiot vet rep told my my AO DMII case , a separate matter----would never succeed even at the CAVC.

      It never went to the CAVC, I won at the BVA, because I was in Military school at the time for my degree and could no longer deal with the RO BS .l was patient knowing it would take time but I knew the BVA would grant the claim and they did.

      My former state VSOs were working against me.They had a boss- the Governor of NY.

      Their Director was immediately removed ( I filed an OGC complaint)

      They are all gone now, not dead but can no longer hinder widow's claims.

      My DAV Rep - I sued him  as well. long story-his lawyer from the DAV told me I should become a lawyer, so did the EEOC ADA lawyer when he called to tell me my husband had just won the first ADA discrimination complaint in NY as a disabled veteran.My husband was so disabled by then I had to write the complaint and research and produce the evidence, and the ADA lawyer thought I already was a lawyer,when he called me.

      My point to you is this-

      Negativity inspires me.If someone is negative to you-make them cough up their rationale.

      Or just say, what I said after 20 lawyers told me I would never prove malpractice by the VA.

      I said to myself Piss on them. I am a lawyer- the worse kind of lawyer ha ha , a Pro Se Lawyer.

      I handled my VA FTCA malpractice case myself....and didn't even have to pay a lawyer.

      I knew Gastone too and can hardly believe he would say those things to Buck.

      I don't believe he did.








    3. Ddsr


      Me either I do not believe George said anything negative to Buck. Even if George did it is none of my business. Well Buck is just obviously a miserable person bringing up a dead mans words. Wow to think Buck was a Vietnam Veteran. If you ask me if a man cannot even respect a dead man, then he is no man indeed.

    4. Ddsr


      Berta I also seen how Buck wrote to you yesterday trying to blow smoke up everyone's rear. That man is a sad story. Anyways I will remain in the game and never allow someone else to deter me. As for George he is always in my heart and I remain in touch with his family. God Bless


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