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  1. Ellis is a quack so he should be easy to buy. Don't use him for your doctor.
  2. All you have to do is get copies of the pilots log from the Army to show that the mission received hostile fire and prove you were on the mission. Since you didn't seethe tracers there is a good chance there wasn't any. Some pilots and crew members are notorious for trying to scare hell out of rookies. The Navy should have reference to it in your service records.My records from VN were very detailed(time,date ,kind of mission,hostile fire etc. etc). No such luck with medical records.
  3. I sent in medical records from private doctors and a hospital with my initial claim. None of them charged one penny for there opinions, nor did they use phrases like "more likely than not".When I filed for IU about a year later they used the same records. They gave me IU and PT. By the way I was 66 yrs old and retired from my (non government)job. I guess I am naïve but could someone explain to me why you would have to buy an opinion from this Dr Bash guy?
  4. I strongly agree with billy2. I'm not going to get out in the middle of the day to shop.
  5. I agree with Berta. About the only thing that helped me after about 45 years was the Vet Center.I never felt comfortable with the witch doctors. In my opinion they can never relate to what you went through.
  6. I retired off of my civilian job after 30 years, and Igot TDIU when I was 65. Mater of fact I had no rating until after I retired.
  7. I don"t know if it is the same every where but QTC will not give any information out. The VA will not give out the results till a decision is made on your claim. If the VA does the exam you can get the results in aweek or two.
  8. Qhones: Don"t forget about buying a new car , no excise tax. All it will cost is $5 for the tag.
  9. Giving insulin in the hospital is almost SOP anymore. Any kind of stress on the body,such as surgery,or certain diseases can cause insulin levels to go up.
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