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  1. Maybe whats going on is the VA in your area is in the process of changing over to a new or newer type of meter...... They did that to me earlyer in the year, they wouldn't allow me to Reorder the supplies and they gave NO explaination , then later on ( several months ) I get a notice to come in for a NEW meter , and they gave me all new stuff, a big box full of lancets, test strips, test solution, all the supplies. If I were you I'd damned sure be making some noise about this ! Hey, thank's for the info on your service, I was just curious. We had our 3/4 cav reunion in Tucson, last April and thats what has me fired up at the VA right now ! I found out a heck of a lot of guys are getting all kinds of benefits and Umemployability and I'm one of the few thats not..... Not that I am being slighted , but why is there soooo dang much difference between one state VA system and another?????? Good Luck !! "Papa Jack "
  2. I don't know if this makes a difference or not in your case......But have you filed a CLAIM for your Diabetes with the VA ?????? If you have not, then I feel you really should ! It's not much in my case, it was only 20% for Type 2......But I get a meter/test strips/ lancets, free of charge in the mailbox. Maybe thats the hang up if you haven't filed a claim . I have a friend in Scottsdale, he's also type 2, we served together, he gets all his supplies from the VA... Say, are you a NAM vet ? 75th Inf. Rangers ????? We worked with "F"-75th Rangers out of CUCHI and TAY NINH , can't recall the TN company anymore....69-70..J
  3. Thank's Allan, I'll look into that Formulary list.... I need to make a appointment with my VA dr. to discuss all this so I know what has to happen. I really don't want to fire my Civi Dr....I like being able to get into see a Dr. the same day if need be. These VA Dr's don't always work daily, some only a couple days a week, so just getting an appointment is hard to do. I can't see loosing several days getting meds while I'm waiting for a VA Dr. to approve. Seems like a better way to do that would be to get established with the VA Dr. and then be put on a list in the VA pharmacy so you could simply send the Pharmacy your Rx and they'd fill it and send it out....Why have a pissin contest between the two DR's ? But, what do I know ? Papa Jack
  4. The VA here in Hillsboro, Oregon recently changed meters and test strips to the Aviva Accu-Chek, with the coded test strips..... I'm to test twice a week because they said I had my B/S in control with the Metfomin and diet... My last VA check up in January my A1C was 7.0.... ( thats high for me ! ) because it was shortly after xmas and we had gotten 3 two pound boxes of Ceec's Chocolats for xmas ! I really hate that check up after pigging out at xmas and new years.... My civi Dr. checked my B/S in May and my A1C was 6.0....At that time he put me on some new Cholestrol meds that work thru the intestines rather than ruin my liver. The meds are Colesevelam HCI ( Trade Name Welchol ) This tuff works well with Metformin and also helps to drop the blood sugars....But it's $pendy a Rx cost about $300.00 and my insurance pays most of it . Because this is a Civi Dr. Rx, I dout if I can get the VA to get it for me, I'm really leary of that whole thing of fighting with those people to get my meds.....It would be nice to get all my meds thru one place so everyone is on the same page incase something happens...... I hear some people on this and other forums talk about getting Rx from their dr's to the VA....One guy askes the Dr. to write two Rx, and faxes one to the VA and one ( for only 10 days of pills ) to the local pharmacy.... I want to know EXACTLY how to do it right and I have yet to get a solid answer..... I'll put this on my list of questions to ask the VA dr. next time I am in there..... Thank's !! Guys..... "papa jack"
  5. This afternoon Notorious Kelly stopped by my house and we had a chance to hash over some VA stuff and he was kind enough to share his knowledge of the system. I appreciate That ! Thank's Kelly, Glad to have met you ! "Papa Jack "
  6. OHHHHHHH by the way, never mind......I found the moved post, just had to open my eyes...... "PJ"
  7. This all happened while I was assigned to the Vancouver Washington facility....The Dr. that told me NO about the shoes was a new one to me, his first time with me. I spent exactly 7 minutes with him in the exam room for a checkup to renew my meds . He left the room and so did I and I haven't been back there since. The Dr. that turned down my meds was a Nurse Practioneer, she hated men and vets I think...She once chewed me out because my wife had called to make my appointment for a check up...Thats a long story but a good one, sometime I'd like to tell in on this forum, I understand she is no longer working there, thank god and country ! The Va just opened a new facility in Hillsboro Oregon, it's only 6 miles drive and so far it has been a good experience. I haven't pushed the thing about my meds yet because after the first time I just gave up . Thank you for the reply !! Papa Jack Ohhhh by the way, when you "move" a message, where does it go and how can I find it ? I click on the little arrow box and nothin happens......
  8. I have a few questions , I was going to post on the claims research forum but it says I cannot start a new subject...or something like that. I am rated at 80% from the VA for PTSD and Diabetes. 1) I am Diabetic, VA Diagnosed me. VA provides my Metformin. I have friends who I served with in Nam, most all have Diabetes, One in Texas gets shoes and socks from the VA about every 6 months. I asked him how he got the ugly shoes ? He said from the VA and If I had Diabetes I could get em too... Just had to ask and to be fitted by the VA. So I asked the VA dr. How can I get shoes and Socks ? He says do you have sores on your feet ? NO, my feet are pretty good other than Fungus and some loss of feeling... He says, then you don't get shoes.... So, are shoes available and if so, whats the deal getting em ???? 2) Medications: Prior to getting into the VA I had a local DR., Because I had high blood pressure and Cholestrol, I was on several meds.for treatment. Quinapril Atenolol Hydrochlorothiazide Zocor ( Cholesterol ) I asked the VA dr. about getting these meds thru the VA ? NOPE, you had high B/P before we diagnosed the high blood sugar...However, they did issue me Simvastatin in place of the Zocor. They also started me on low dose aspirin and they issue that as well. I thought that when I was 80% I was intitled to ALL my meds ????? So one day I was having a VA check up, and the Dr wrote a Rx for Lisinapril, she said it would help my B/P and protect my kidneys....( I am already taking QUINAPRIL and I listed it in my list of meds. ! It was in my files ). I didn't take the pills, I knew better. She called a few days later and asked how I was doing, I asked her about the Lisinapril and informed her that I was taking Quinapril..... Ohhhhh my goodness, I see that now on the computer, I'm so sorry, do not take those meds ,you are already taking the same drugs.! Seeee, here is the problem, every time I go to the VA I sign in on the computer and it lists all my Medications and asks if I am still taking them, I mark all the boxes, and I carry a list of all my meds. So now I have VA meds and non VA Rx's, and sometime or other there is going to be a BIG mistake because they don't pay attention !! Sooooo, How do I get the VA to give me my drugs ? I attend my Viet Nam Unit reunions, they are held every two years, talking with the guys ( most all of them have Diabetes....and B/P and Cholesterol ) I find that most all are 100% one way or another ( PTSD or whatever..) and they are getting their meds from the VA. I am also finding that there is a wide difference in the way the VA treats the vets. from one state to another. Some have no problems at all, some have to jump thru hoops. This is the first of several questions, I hope you guys can offer some answers, I'll get into my claim at a later post......Thanks for your time !! "Papa Jack" ps: as of the 10th of July, I am once again PAPA JACK, my grandson #4 was born, Life is GOOD ! my gene pool lives on....
  9. Thank's Guys for the warm welcome , soon as I figure out how and where to post I'll post my questions....Papa Jack
  10. Hello, My name is" Papa Jack", I live in NW Oregon. I served in VietNam with Troop D-(Air) 3/4 Cav, 25th Inf. Div. US Army ,69-70. I was a "slick" Crew Chief, we worked out of CUCHI. I like Cars and I have a T-Bucket roadster started but kinda lost interest, I also like a few guns and reloading ammo, casting bullets....I also like to raise a vegetable garden in the summer.... I have a few questions I'd like to get some answers to about some VA claims , so hopefully you guys ( and ladies ?) can help guide me because I am getting mixed answers. Thank's for letting me in the door ! Jack
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