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  1. Waitin on my check!!!

  2. so pete, since all your stuff added directly up to 100% are you able to make any income that you desire, or is it monitored??? Thanks
  3. JOHN, maybe tinnitus, hemmeroids, arthritis, Brittle, yellow toenails, service oriented scars, if you had any serious injuries that still bother you, go take an xray or mri to see if tere or any undocumented changes, (could backfire) go take a sleep study if you have ANY issues with feeling tired or trouble sleeping, if you have hypertension, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or anything like that, you can try to service connect obesity to a prior injury (ie foot, ankle, or knees), and then connect these types of things to the obesity. Here are some minor things for you to take a look at and consider. I don't know a whole lot, but i see things, and a friend of mine got screwed for trying to make up a psych disorder so i definently would not recommend anything shady like that. I would recommend you take a serious look at your health, and if you find something wrong, see if there is a way to service connect... lol like "connect the dots"!!!! it's a fun game!!!
  4. Thanks for all the great advice guys. and just to give you a general idea on some of the thing's i will be claiming... 1. Sleep apnea, w/ machine 2. meniere's syndrome w/ vertigo averaging once per month 3. cluster headaches 4. severe ibs 5. chronic bronchitis x7 yrs with more than one recorded and dx "attack" per year 6. Ptsd w/ secondary anxiety disorder 7. traumatic arthritis in 14 knuckles in hand not including wrists. These are just the things that i have a DX for that I.M.O. should recieve more than 30% each for. other things that are not 30% or more that i will attempt to claim include...... 1. Painful scaring from 6x pilonidal cystecomys 2. bilateral gout 3. bilateral pfs 4. bilateral shin splints 5. bilateral tendonitis in knees 6. residuals of minor ACL tear in left knee 7. i have 3 DX's that are personal in nature but are secondary to IBS 8. athlete's foot????? just had an xray and mri yesturday, to determine why my back is hurting. could be something, could be nothing??? THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH!!!!! ANY FURTHER INFO WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!
  5. Hey guys, I'm not quite out of the Army yet but about to file my BDD. I have been looking through my medical files and the "warms" website, and it looks like my disabillities may add to 100%. i.e. 60, 50, 50, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 10. So what happens if without any requests for tdiu, your stuff adds up higher than 95% ??? do you just get awarded the 100% disability, or do you have to ask for it? and if you do get the 95% can you still work or do you have to try and drop a couple things to leave you at 90%. I have been searching around and couldn't find a question similar to this, probably just overlooked it. THANKS ALOT GUYS!!!!
  6. Thanks Carlie, great info. and DANG Chief, i hope that my stuff goes that fast as well!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  7. HEY EVERYONE, I am trying to file BDD. i have APPROX 120 days left in service and approx 70 days of terminal leave. do i have to file 75 days before my ets or leave? i have heard both. and how would the VA know when i take my leave? Thanks guys. Money
  9. thanks guys, supposedly, they are trying to track them down, but the guys behind the desk didn't seen very confident!!!, now i am going to have to go to sick call everyday, just to get MOST of my stuff annotated. Hopefully, i can try and remember everything! I wish that i had copies!!! i always wanted to get my hands on them to do that, but i never even saw them.
  10. So, i have been documenting nearly every ache and pain for the past 8 years so that i would have some ammo for the VA when i got out. and i just went to get all of my medical records (that i have never seen, to make copies of) and 4 years worth is missing!!!!!!! i have all kind of things in my records stating a HX of cluster headaches, IBS, PFS, tendonitis, MRSA, Chronic Pilonidal, 9x Acute Bronchitis, Gout, Tinnitus, etc. etc. etc...... but none of the actual doctors visits in which i was diagnosed with these things is in there. I also have bone scans and xrays that say thing like "possible arthritis in several joints in the hands and wrist, possible trauma to the shins, possible fractures in both wrists re-evaluate", BUT I WAS NEVER RE-EVALUATED OR DIAGNOSED WITH ANYTHING!!!!!! I am so pissed off right now, and my timeframe for BDD is very quikly slipping through my fingers!!!!! I know that there is nothing that you guys can do, i just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening, Mike
  11. Thanks guys, lots of great info!!!! That va website has alot of interesting "must know" stuff!!!
  12. Hey everyone, just a question... I have heard the VA will not issue any benefits for someone that has had a pilonidal cyst. But just out of curiosity... I am about to exit the service and am putting my packet for the VA together. I have had 4 pilonidal cystectomys in the past 3 years and just realized yesterday that i have another one!!! Well according to what i have looked at, this is considered "Chronic". I have been looking around on the internet for more info on this and all I've found is that the Canadian VA honors it??? I figured that if anyone out there would know, i would find it here with you guys!!! Love the site, it is a great idea!!!! Thanks guys and gals!!! Mike
  13. Thanks alot everyone for the great advice, i'm very glad to have found this site!!! also Carlie, i checked out that BDD, looks real good, Thank you
  14. Hey everyone, i know this is supposed to be for veteran's only, but i will be soon !!! Just 4 more months. Which means i have very little time left to get my claims together. if anyone can help, with advise and stuff that you learned along the way, i would greatly appreciate it. Or if anyone has a guess at how much disabillity i will be looking at, that would be cool. the following is a list of everything that i can think of that is wrong with me. Gout in 2 toes, stress fractures in shins, posterior femoral syndrome in both knees, minor acl tear in left and bone spur. 3 pylonidal cysectomys, severe(i think) IBS, Bronchitis twice annually, tennis elbow on both, and Cluster Headaches. I also have some things that are not diagnosed, but are wrong with me.... how do i get a diagnosis to get disabillity for; pain in both wrists from motorcycle accident, nothing visible in x-rays or bone scan. and sharp pain on the right side of my neck and in my chest once in a while. Thanks again for any help or advice you may have. Mike SPC, USA
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