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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!! enjoy the calm from the Storm
  2. I will definitely check on that. They did call me this morning and i will get be getting to deposits, one for the claim that i was just granted and the other one is for the appeal from 2007. It seems a little bit low but i asked the lawyer to check on this. I was assuming it would be more, for the time being i will be mellow for a second but i will definitely still make a fuss over it. 10 years is such a long time. I will tell you this though, I cant stress enough how to my surprise the speed it took to push this thru once i emailed the Director of the regional office, yet it is sa
  3. Yea I was puzzled about that, I wasn't sure how they calculated this. Both increases happened within a day apart. The older one which was the migraines was imputed today and the newer one was implemented into the system yesterday. The pending amount kinda discouraged me because I was expecting back pay for the migraines which was the older appeal from 2007. I know the va does some sneaky stuff so I am curious on how they came about this amount
  4. I wasn't sure how to add it as one since I was copying from my phone but is it is. Thanks ?
  5. Well the latest update ?. They have closed out my file and I the rating of 30% for my migraines from 9/7/07 but there doesn't seem to be any retro payment showing for that. I might be being a bit premature but it is kinda odd seeing that I was granted a claim today as well for something else at 30% also and there is a retro payment showing for that (looks like 10% retro for 2 months) Is there anyone who can explain to me how the calculations work because I was at 80% prior to both claims and now I am at a total of 90%. I was really assuming that I would go to 100% seeing that al
  6. Well I just checked ebennys and see that my claim was approved and that has bumped me up to 90% as of today. Still waiting on my appeals which was granted for migraines so hopefully that will put me at 100%!!!! To to all who are waiting, I guess emailing the regional director does help! After emailing him it only took the following day for my file to be pushed thru. My appeal is now showing preparation for notification, so hopefully it will only be another day or so for it to be complete as well!!! ?
  7. Gastone -- I checked for my docket number and it is not uploaded as of yet. 092-10-77. I was actually represented by a lawyer, which worked awhole lot better then the VSO who I have had for years. I hate the fact of the percentage but I am happy for the outcome. Update -- I resent the email that I had sent to the Secretary of the VA and I also CC'd the director of the regional office and his assistants and received an email the same day as well as now I know there has been some progress pushing my appeal thru, for rating and processing. I was informed that it should only take
  8. Weekly update -- No response from Secretary office Email was submitted on Sunday to request someone to contact me concerning appeal. I am really shocked by this because when Mr. McDonald was in charge I would receive a call within 2 days. I guess that is all out the window now. -- no response from the Atlanta Regional office. contacted the 800 number on Monday and spoke with them again and was given the usual about how they understand Call center sent email to regional office to respond to contact me on Wednesday and was informed to wait about 7 busin
  9. Yea it has been a long battle... now it seems right at the end of it all, it just the waiting out game. Decision granted without a rating and no word from anyone at the VA how long the backlog is for a file to be seen by a rater. HOT mess I tell you!
  10. Well weekly follow up . I have went down to the regional office this week and submitted more hardship paperwork and found out that it was added into the system but my file still has not been assigned to a rater as of yet. I was told that the Atlanta regional is one of the worst due to backlog and so I am not sure how long it will be ???. I guess I will be writing another email to the undersecretary and the regional director to get the ball rolling again . Sometimes I wish I was attached to a different regional office because all my claims and files don't seem to get noticed u
  11. Good job senior !!!! Congrats to you and your family !!!! You are living the dream living down in the keys !!!! My squadron sent me there 8 times for detachments so I know that it very peaceful and serene!!!
  12. Are you still seeking some legal help? The law office that just handled my appeal did a great job!!!!
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