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  1. Present and accounted for...
  2. All Present and Accounted for… Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best to those waiting claim resolutions! Don’t give up – don’t ever give up!!!
  3. @ Ruski Thanks for the heads up on the discharge forms...IT WORKED - I'm also doing the happy dance - I received my letter today stating that my $10K in loans has been discharged. It took a few months and I received a couple nasty letters from the creditors to pay but wants the system was able to get caught up - I received a letter on the Dept. of Education letterhead. Medic
  4. All Present And Accounted For, First Sergeant! We had a record of 15" of rain in some parts of Florida from Tropical Storm Debby. Just had a C&P for TBI last week. Happy 4th of July to Everyone...Stay safe - Medic -
  5. Medic


    Congrats - way to hang in there
  6. Congratulations!! This is great news...you have a lot of good claims that were deferred so that is very good news. you should be at a 100% in no time. Good Luck - and continue hang in there.
  7. Denver...Congratulations way to hang in there!!! I think you can try for TDIU. :)
  8. Medic

    Roll Call

    Medic is present and accounted for, still here and forever grateful to each and everyone of you . Like everyone else has said NEVER GIVE UP!!! If I can win 8 years after discharge You can too. I give the credit to the founder and members of this website community for so much research, help and support. I have so much to be thankful for this month and will remember all of you . The best to each and every one of you. I'm here to help anyone way I can just ask plus I try to look everyday for questions I can research and answer. God Bless...
  9. congratulations on movement!!! Good luck. to save yourself on the Torture just check eBenefits on Friday nights only. Checking everyday or every other day is a killer :)
  10. @ Cooter...It still has not set in :) Thanks again for the kind words. And to everyone I'll be here for all my Brothers and Sisters and help in anyway I can...I'll continue to look thru the post and see what I can answer and research. I will continue to pay it forward - as others have done for me.
  11. @Midnight...I understand what you are going thru believe me you are not alone - I thought I was alone until I read this site - the best advise I can give is to continue to read the Success stories (they really helped me - to see others achieve success gave me motivation) I also did alot of cleaning up of my storage room and just organize my paperwork - so that all my ducks were in a row. especially if you are going to file ssdi afterwards. Start exercising by just walking outside if you can. Try to learn something new - like a language (believe me it is very hard and it is a challenge and you may never learn it but it will take your mind off the wait) also condition yourself to only check eBenefits once a month. or on Friday nights. That will also help with the wait. :) Hope this helps. It did for me.
  12. @ Hollis…PTSD is 1 day at a time I would file a claim now for PTSD because like the others state it takes months even years to receive a decision. Are you able to work? Also it is important to remember that the MH Dr is not your friend don’t be relax around him/her let them know the truth about how you feel at your worse times not at your best times – that was one of my biggest issues. Until I learned that they needed to know how I felt when I was at my worse not how I felt when I was in front of them for my appt.
  13. Medic

    Anthrax Shots

    cool thanks - this is good info...I was in Theater then also
  14. Congratulations...Great News John46! I'm very happy for you :) Way to hang in there!!!
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