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  1. Yes. However, seems the VARO in Seattle has managed to lump things together and separate issues submitted at the same time, at their leisure, rather than following my responses. They gave me a long standing claim for increased compensation for anxiety attacks/depression last September, and seemed to think that since that was at 100% with TDUI, they could (?) cancel all the other issues that were outstanding, such as the hearing problems, and several other service related conditions. In response to that determination, I SPECIFICALLY accepted the award, while maintaining that that did not resolve (or effect) several other claims, mainly the hearing issue. Of course, the other thing which has me scratching my head is that my hearing disability has gone from 0% when I filed back in 1990 (and had to start using hearing aids shortly after that) to finally getting 10% back in 1999 (along with 10% for tinnitus), and then claiming it hadn't increased in 2004, then going to 80% in 2008 (absent any traumatic or medically connected reasons for a dramatic increase in my hearing inability). Pardon the rant, but I get the strong feeling that the local VARO doesn't appreciate me not taking their answers as final, and seem to chafe under the continued calls, congressional contacts about my situation, requests for records, and submittal of IMO information that eventually exposes the VARO's "New Clothes". Like I mention last night, this has even gotten down to the local clinic that is treating me, and I have appeared for simple appointments and had to wait extended periods of time; been left in treatment rooms for almost a hour, waiting for something trivial; and having the local Mental Health specialist lie to my attending Psychiatrist about desire to take Lithium therapy, etc. I've gotten to the point that I feel like going there is not a treatment session, but a session where I get to be their Pin'ata. Even several members of the nursing staff have started treating me like I was some sort of leper. Anyway, I'm appealing, keep calling every month or so to find out what the latest story about my requests are (and Boy, are they usually hilarious!), and contacting the congressional staff to keep the pot boiling with them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. My effective date is now 1 Nov 2007, but the claim was originally filed in August 2004. I finally got a 100% disability level last September (2007), but this was an issue that was still "hanging out there" when that determination was finished. The latest item is for hearing, which I had been rated at 10% for, and that was what they originally said that it hadn't increased. Based on the 2006 audiograms, the level for just my hearing went to 80%, which combined with 70% for anxiety attacks/depression, and 10% for tinnitus, gives me a 100% in toto, where last year is was 80%, plus unemployability to get me to 100%. However, as someone mentioned, if the claim actually goes back to the original date of 8/2004, then I would be entitled to some additional funds. It seems like the Seattle VARO delights in coming up with excuses as to why they do have to do things the way the law reads. As an aside, I have a FOIA request for my records that goes back to 2001, which they keep putting off because the record is sitting somewhere else where they can't copy it while it is in processing/adjudication/you-name-it. Plus, I have gotten some responses directly from senator/congressman that were very disparaging of me as a veteran. Guess asking them to do their job means that I've 'p*ssed in their cornflakes' along the line. Doesn't bother me, but even the local medical clinic is starting to give me problems, so I guess the word has just worked its way down the system. Anyway, I've filed an appeal, and will keep going like a bulldog on things, but it sure seems like they can slice and dice and rearrange things for their convenience/cost savings/etc., to the detriment of the veteran.
  3. I have finally managed to get the VA in Seattle to acknowledge that I am 100% disabled, but it was a VERY LONG and involved process. Question I have is that I filed a claim for an increase in my hearing disability back in August 2004, which was denied a year later. I appealed, and was scheduled for a new audiological exam in May 2006, but the contract audiologist was ill. She (can her office) notified both the local VARO and QTC of the problem, but I was not told until I arrived at her office. I promptly contacted both VARO and QTC and asked for a rescheduled exam, providing them the details. It took almost 6 months of work to convince both that I actually was there and the doctor wasn't (they originally listed me as a no-show). I got the new exam in May of 2007, and it was totally consistent with another exam I paid for (IMO). VA dragged their feet on this, after granting me 100% via unemployability on my other problems, and in June finally decided that the level should be raised from 10% to 80% (plus 10% for tinnitus). However, they are claiming that it should only go back to October 2007, for some totally unknown reason. I have requested an appeal of this decision, and am still waiting for a response, other that the standard letter that they have gotten something from me. Can anyone provide me with some rationale for why they are starting this from just last year, rather than back in 2004, when it was started? I should be getting some retroactive money, but seems like the local VARO is doing their usual dance of 'what are you complaining about, we finally got it right?" This would have put me at 100% from back in 2004, not later, and I can't understand how they have moved the dates. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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