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  1. Watch out for IRS they have some claim when you receivce Civil Service and va LLoyd
  2. How Long To File A 1151

    Is the statue of limitations longer than 2 years Thanks LLoyd
  3. Prostate Cancer?

    If it is still in your prostrate u are lucky,, If gets out of prostrate to bones/lungs/glands major major problems stage 4. I have stage 4, first thing they do after Biopsy and confirmation is start you on Lupron then depending on your MD it can be radiation/chemo or some ZYTIGA medicine. The heart breaker is the Lupron shot, minimum effect is hot flashes...major is bye bye sex life. I am in a trails program at Or Health Science (OHSU med school)Zytiga has taken Prostate score from 15.00 down to .025, recently score has started back up again. My neighbor just finshed up a Lupron and Radition treatment. NO SIGN of cancer now, but it is still body. LLoyd
  4. no, it was under extensive use of tce as a cleaning agent in tank park that made super fund epa clean up at camp pendleton
  5. Hi I field a claim with independent doctor statement for prostrate cancer and the VA included it in the Camp LeJune claim process for bad water. I have notified them, My DAV rep has notified them to no avail. Ant Ideas? LLoyd
  6. Just Saw Newsflash

    The front line is us and our local VA hospital, the rear eschelon is Washington DC. The REMF's have no idea what is going on, only paper reports. I had the a similar problem with Roseburg/Portland Hospital, Diagnosis with Stage 4 Prostrate cancer (In bones/glands/lungs by my Private Dr's) went to VA, told it would be 6 months before I got in. Luckly I have private ins. The only good thing is I am getting my meds with a little hassle from VA. Policies above my NP at VA. I feel real confident that the Upper mgt people in DC were not ,aware of situation, but lower bean counters there who base their reports on incoming results knew what was happening and didn't do anything because it effected their evaluatuions.. DONT ROCK THE BOAT.. LLOYD
  7. Tce

    Anyone any references to a claim for TCE exposure prostrate cancer- Diabetes II? LLoyd
  8. I cant seem to find the area it CFR that gives me info for prostrate conditions and ratings Thank You LLoyd
  9. Dr's Statement

    Sorry Seaman I don't know how I posted on your space LLoyd
  10. I did not get the "Golden one" ' at least as likely as not' but I did get "he relates to me that he had significant exposure to TCE. TCE exposure could have contributed to developing prostrate cancer. Will that work?
  11. Spouse Benefits

    Doesn't it have to be P&T for 10 years, I have been 80 %/100 TDIU for over 16 years, they made me P&T in 05 LLoyd
  12. Is this the liquid they cleaned the aircraft in the hanger Bays during "63-"65 off VN. lloyd
  13. Had left knee replaced 7 Jun 11, it was rated at 30%, what will it be rated at after replacement.. LLoyd
  14. I was awarded 80sc\TDIU 100% in Nov 97, changed to P&T in Nov 2005. Which date is used for the 10 year waiting period for wife? LLoyd