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  1. Thanks toddt....Yea it's only been just over a week and I did check Myhealth and it wasn't there. I faintly remember checking for the same thing years ago on a different c&p exam and I did find it, but couldn't figure out how. ha...
  2. That helps tremendously thanks L Was it ebenefits or myhealthvet? Coot
  3. Does anyone know where to get the Dr's examination results for your C&P exam? Coot
  4. Unless someone has a crystal ball it'll be impossible to answer that. If it were me I would go ahead and call the 800#. I'm only guessing but maybe they're still working on the EED for your backpay. Again, I'm only guessing!!! <Coot>
  5. Thanks Gastone! So the DBQ's turned out to be a big difference! Lol...At first, I never thought they would fly cause it seemed to be too easy. Glad to see they made an improvement. <Coot>
  6. LOLO...You really don't want me to emphasize on that cause I'll talk your head off on that subject!!! But you are so right!!!!!!!!!!! <Coot>
  7. Thanks! I do have a question about what you just mentioned. The last time I submitted a new claim the DBQ's were just being introduced in the system. How does that work now? Are they using a DBQ instead of C&P's and is it required to one filled out by your Dr when you file? Totally confused on this. <Coot>
  8. EODCMC PLease excuse me, I didn't mean to step on your Post. <Coot>
  9. Although I'm being treated with the SA by the VA I'm not SC as of yet. As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently rated TDIU and had a routine re-exam last Oct. in which I was never notified of the results until I read on healthevet that it was closed and supposedly notified with the date of Oct, the same month of exam. To make a long story short, I called the VA 4 days ago requesting a copy of the notification letter, so i should be receiving it shortly. As I'm still getting the same Comp pay I'm thinking it either rated it as static or maybe more future exams. I'll find out when the letter arrives. Now as far as your question goes, I wasn't DX'ed in service with SA but, I shouldn't have a problem getting SC for it due to multiple problems with several dx's of sinus infections and allergic rhinitis in service. Not to mention the opiates I been on for years which would coincide with the CSA (mixed) that I am DX'ed with. For now I'm just going to sit back at least till I know what the letter says and go from there. With all respect, I'm overwhelmed with your kindness for my condition hope I can rely on your expertise when I do need any help for assistance. Thanks my friend! <Coot>
  10. Which dx are we talking about? I've had several with different timelines. <Coot>
  11. The only 100% best advice is never give up! You earned the right to get what's rightfully due!!! <Coot>
  12. Totally agree with Gastone"s comment 100%. Also, PH is a direct link to cor pulmonale. I'm dx with sever complex (mixture) SA mostly Central. My last AHI was 114 per hr. I'm on 5 liters O2 at night, attached to my vpap line. I been dx with CHF and PM. Although these were dx by va I haven't claimed them as yet. I'm 62 yrs old and currently rated 70% TDIU due to a botch TKR (Total Knee Replacement) back in 08 at the Phoenix VAMC. Most people say I'm crazy for not claiming them right now, but to be honest with you I fought and fought for over 10 yrs to get where I'm at now with my rating and I guess I just want to take a break from all the BS I put up with and enjoy life while I still can. I don't want to go to my grave the day VA sends notice of approval 100% P&T. Lol..Know what I mean. <Coot>
  13. Just curious, were you ever dx with any heart or respiratory problems excluding SA? Was you ever a smoker? <Coot>
  14. Hi Berta! Sure I can do that no problem. I'll talk to him and I'm sure he'll have no problem signing on with the information. Besides that'll be a whole lot better than me being a middle man with questions I can't answer. I'm so sorry to hear about Carlie. She was such an intelligent lady, not to mention all the other things she was so loved for. <Cooter>
  15. When you did your sleep study the Dr would of recommended oxygen therapy if your O2 levels were dangerously low enough to to constitute CRF. CRF is really dangerous. People that has it are usually the ones you see walking around with an oxygen tank, depending how severe it is. The reason for this is we need enough oxygen to get rid of the carbon dioxide from our body. CRF comes into the picture when our O2 saturation isn't high enough to get rid of it. By reading your sleep study I noticed the Dr didn't comment on using oxygen so if you think there's a good possibility that you do have CRF there is a test for that as well. It's the one where they insert a needle in your wrist to check for O2 gas levels. OUCH Coot
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