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  1. bunny Happy Times welcome to the 100% club, give my best regards to your Husband !
  2. Trailrun


    I'm just as lost as you!
  3. The act was combined under HR 1960 in the House, then included in HR 3304 passed by the Senate and House signed by Obama and is Public Law 133-66.. It's done ! Give about 90 days for DOD to establish Reg's and notice. Look under HR 3304 Sec 644, !! LOL RLTW
  4. Trailrun

    Dental Reimbursement

    Yes, contact fee basis at the Hospital they know the policy and process and can check directly witg DC if needed
  5. Trailrun

    Something Is About To Change?

    I agreed with your view point
  6. Trailrun

    Hi Im A New Member

    Welome aboard
  7. Thats a Good question by San Man
  8. Trailrun

    Being 100% P/t

    I use the Good Investment term and my rich uncle is good to me Uncle Sam !
  9. Trailrun

    Best Online School For Veteran's

    What is Chapter 35 reg. and how does it apply to Vocational Rehabilitation thanks

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