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  1. Hey everyone! I have a beef with the VA regarding travel pay. They appear to be messing with me, why I don't know! Went to VA today for a scheduled appointment(at 1:00 pm) I got there at 8:00 am, because it has taken me 4 hours to get the claim processed. I have had problems with this clerk before, but kept my mouth shut, and gave her my name and last 4 of my ss#. A half hour later she brings out the first bunch of the completed claim forms for us to sign and give to the cashier. I looked at mine and saw $39.65, instead of about $120.00. I got hot, but did not open my mouth. Went instead to Patient Advocate, and explained my problem. She say's "well, I know the answer, but I will call someone!" and she does. When she is through with the call, she say's " that's what I thought, your appointments to your primary care provider are only payable to the closest VA to your home, in this case 55 miles, versus 145 miles to VA from my place! I expressed my displeasure about that news, and said "I am 100% percent service connected, and the VA has been paying this since 2005! She say's "well, they made a mistake", however, she could not prove it. I left and drove home, and looked at the VA Benefits website online and it most certainly say's that I should be paid for travel, to any appointment having to do with my Service Connected Disabilities! Anyone else running into this?? I know the Government is out of money, but come on!! Oh yeah, I did not sign and cash the claim, because if I do, I am agreeing with the claim being correct! Take Care! Seabee
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    Hey all! My name is Dale Hemrick, I am 63 yrs. old, I am a Vietnam era Seabee Veteran. I am 80% Disabled, and I am happy to have come across this website! I think that spending time in-country was easier than trying to deal with The VA! I currently have a claim in progress(since December 2009), and will be filing a Federal Tort Claim against the VA soon. I would prefer not to go into anymore on that subject. I don't know whether I am alone in my thinking that the VA monitors the related web-sites or not, but I would be careful about putting too much info on the web! Just this Vet's opinion, and everyone has one! CAN DO!! Dale

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