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  1. flatblackstrat

    Questions About Ptsd Claim

    Thank you for the Advice. I can't imagine what you Nam vets went through, and I can't believe how you were treated when you came home. I think you guys are the only reason the government wised up to taking care of it's vets. It is mostly the Nam era servicemen that make up a large % of the VFW and vet rights groups, so I think it should be me who says thank you to you fixing a lot of wrong in the VA for future ranks. Thanks again
  2. flatblackstrat

    Questions About Ptsd Claim

    Thanks Pig for the advice. I am in Japan though so I don't think I can get a VAMC (what does that mean by the way?) to submit anything for me. Unless it is easier than I think.
  3. flatblackstrat

    Questions About Ptsd Claim

    Thanks Pig for the advice. I am in Japan though so I don't think I can get a VAMC (what does that mean by the way?) to submit anything for me. Unless it is easier than I think.
  4. flatblackstrat

    Questions About Ptsd Claim

    To tell you the truth I am not sure. I don't have a lot of my paperwork anymore for some reason so I will have to get my dd214 again and see. I think it was a chapter at least, but it wasn't a med board. I was let out about a little over a year early from my re-enlistment ETS so about 3 months early from my original 4 year contract. I don't really know what my stressor is though. Nobody ever explained anything about PTSD to me when I got back, I was just really depressed and would sit by myself in the dark a lot. It was maybe when we touched down at the Airport in Kuwait and 2 hours later the first SCUDs were launched and we didn't have any of our mop gear open yet and a bunch of Garrison troops shoved my unit into a metal conex with no light while we were trying to get our stuff on and we were packed so tight I couldn't get my hands up to seal my mask. Or it could be when we got tasked to clear all the weapons caches in the country and they had us loading old WP mortars rounds with H.E. and the truck behind me had one cook off inside of it and my platoon sergeant tried to climb up in the back and put it out but it blew him off the truck and the truck burnt to the ground, but everyday after that they made us do the same thing. So it was like riding around with a bomb on my back everyday. Their were a lot of people that were hurts or killed on "task force bullet", they thought we were competent to carry such ammo because we were Field Artillery, but we had no idea what we were doing and we got treated like cannon fodder. Can I add more than 1 incidents? Thanks again for all the great info here.
  5. flatblackstrat

    Questions About Ptsd Claim

    Hi Pete, Thanks so much for your response and the info. As for the stressor event, do I need to write one of those stressor letters that I keep hearing about, and include that with everything else I send to the VA? Or is it something different, or something that my doctor should write up? Again thank you so much, I feel so completely lost in this stuff sometimes? The VA took a year to pay me for the new GI Bill so I am so incredibly nervous about filing this stuff.
  6. Hello, I have a few questions about filing a comp claim. First off I am an OIF vet 03 and went in at the beginning of the war when i was 18. I came back with very bad depression and started going to Mental Health very early and went off and on because of the lack of help they gave me and my frustration. I was chaptered out while recruiting after taking to much of my meds in an attempt to overdose. I now live in Japan with my wife, but i still can't seem to function normally. I can't hold a job and every little thing seems to piss me off, I don't even want to leave the house anymore. So my questions are Do I still need to write a stressor letter when I file my claim? I have hypertension and a bad Ankle from the service and both are documented, so should I file those aswell? I have found a couple of English speaking doctors here, one for my heart, one for my ankle and one that is a spychologist. Will the VA honor their medical documents if they are written in English? I am not on any medication write now because the Military put me on so many different things I felt like an experiment. Should I go back on meds again before I submit my claim? Spychologists here do not except insurance and they usually costs about 80-140 dollars a session, so is one session with a private spych enough to have extra proof? Im sorry if what I wrote is sloppy or hard to understand, I will try to better in more detail if you need me too. Thanks in advance, Nick
  7. flatblackstrat

    Hi From Japan

    Hey everybody, I found this site by doing research about filing my PTSD claim. I have a few questions about what info I need with the need reg. that just got approved. I am also overseas so my situation is rather different than I'm guessing so any help would be greatly appreciated, maybe even with a nice bottle of Sake.

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