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  1. stfsgtbennett'swf

    Need Help

    oh he's been diagnosed - and she admitted that he's been diagnosed - she just won't treat it
  2. stfsgtbennett'swf

    Need Help

    my husband was diagnosed several years ago with ptsd but never treated. earlier this year he stayed in they psych for a few days and was re-diagnosed. his mental health doc ( who i severely dislike but that's beside the point) at his appt this week, finally admitted that she knew he was ptsd but refused to treat him for it - instead she wants to continue to treat him for bipolar which he does not have. he is planning to change vamc'c for pysch so he can *hopefully* get the treatment and consoling he needs, as his ptsd is getting really bad b/c of the meds she has him on right now. my question is this - and i wasn't sure where to put it - how do i go about reporting her and who all do i need to report her to? she knew he had a condition and is refusing to treat him for it, instead is choosing to treat him for something he doesn't' have. we are getting a copy of her medical notes this week (i want to see what she wrote) and i plan to write our state rep and the patient reps at the va but other than that i'm not sure where to go. what she's done is dangerous not only to him and myself (by way of how he may react in a flashback) but other vets too and she has to be stooped. I was hoping someone here could help point us in the right direction. Thanks so much!

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