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  1. Thank you for the replies. She called the Navy clinic / hospital that she was treated at and the doctor still works there. They are sending some forms so she can get copies of her medical records from storage there. I will review the 38 CFR tirla 38 part 3. I haven't poked too much about what the stressful event was or if it was multiple stressful events. Just talking with me about it she gets really worked up for a few hours. Currently she is being treated for depression but I don't know if her therapist has determined if she has a PD or not. How would she go about getting the diagnosis changed or type of discharge changed? Again thank you for the info. I'll keep you posted once we get copies of her medical records. I found conflicting details on 180 days vs. service connected disability. Thank you, ~ryan
  2. Background: My Wife (before we met she had enlisted) did a delayed entry into the US Navy in Aug of 2001. She took her oath of enlistment on Jan 15th 2002. She completed bootcamp and most of her A-School. However, on May 15th she was discharged. Total TIS (not including delayed entry if that even counts) was 120 or 121 days (do they count the last day?) On her DD-214 it states: Uncharacterized / Entry level separation (ELS). Reason for discharge was "Personality Disorder". Reentry code is RE-4 (not eligible to re-enlist ever in any branch of service). Odd note was Decorations, medals, etc authorized was None. But this was after Sep 11, 2001 and she did have on her class A's the National Defense Medal. We got married in 2003 and I know nothing about the military / VA processes. Now on to the question: Is she eligible for any percentage of disability through the VA? She claims she never had any type of personality disorder or other mental health issues previously. However, she may have been pre-disposed to it and her time on Active Duty aggravated the problem. Over the last 7 years, she has had 5 jobs totaling 15 months of employment. Each job ends with a mutual agreement that she wasn't fired etc. She also sees a therapist on a regular basis. Her medicine does cost some money and due to her not being able to hold down a job, we are at a significant economic disadvantage. Among other things with her being diagnosed with a mild depression in 2006 and trying to keep everybody in the house on track and feeding our kids at 5 am when I leave for work because she cannot function before 8 am and goes to bed at 10 pm. Does my wife have a possible claim for disability? I understand it will take an extended period of time to process and even get referals or appt's with VA doctors. She has copies of her DD-214 and they were sent to the VT Director of Veterans Affairs. She also has her orders from basic training at Great Lakes to her A-School at Great Lakes. Where would her medical records be located? She has an appointment card for one of her visits to the clinic at Great Lakes. It has a phone number on it. Would that phone number turn up any of her medical records from 2002? Or were they archived elsewhere? Thank you, ~ryan

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