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  1. Hello, my name is Robert and I am currently 80% disabled. I had to stop working at my job yesterday that I had been at for over 3 years because the knee replacement made matters worse. I found out the reason for my intense pain and weakness, which I need to use a cane to keep from falling on my butt, is because they didn't make the area where my prosthetic knee goes in is not straight and a few mm off. They messed it up and now they say I have to go through surgery to get it fixed, I personally don't want to do another surgery until my knee needs replacing again, it is very hard on me and my family for it to happen again for now. I had put in for TDIU last year but was turned down and they raised me from 70 to 80% so I plodded along hoping things would get better. It did not only worse, so I setup to see my knee surgeon again and found out what the issue was, the screwed the surgery, and by a resident that was in school.....not the one that had worked on me. I haven't seen him since my surgery. I am now appealing the decision starting today adding the new information from the last checkup and now that I cannot work anymore. My PCP did write a note to my work that I was "No longer able to stand, stoop and or carry which precludes occupation making street signs. Do I need anything else from him stating anything else? I was thinking of sending my appeal through my Representatives office Fran Lucas. Is this a good idea? I hope to get a response soon as my wife is on my back about it to get it done now.

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