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  1. For all it is worth I send my thanks to you all. I will move forward and try to achive this as soon as I can. Their is hope still and it is within this web page I find it for I am not alone as I once thought I was. Thank you all
  2. I have made a post before and will do this one last time. In April i filed for a increase for my Back and applied for PTSD. I went from 10% to 20% for my Back and 30% for PTSD. I have not worked in about two years and was in BAD shape and not really trusting anyonre with what was wrong with me. I came to the VA to get help and am happy so now I am opening up and trusting more. I filed an Appeal of last increase with main reason being I was not forth coming on information of problems. I asked to have records reviewed to show my inablity to work or make it through the day at times. I have gone to the DAV rep and stated I wantted to file TDIU and he calls Pittsburgh. Their responce is I do not meet the requriments even under the subsection (B). I have read it and am not able to make head or tails of it. Nothing is clicking in my head. So now before I loose my temper and my house. Is their any true answers that can be done. I go to the VA Docs once a week and have been sence Aprial. I am lost in where to go to any more to ask for help. The VA Docs are helping on one end but can not straight out and tell me what to do.
  3. I see others with this problem and am one with it myself. I am going as well soon to NY and will find out tomarrow of when that will be. I am just hopeing that the end results is a better understanding of the dreams and feelings that come with it all. It wouldnt be so bad if I was able to shake them off like I use too do. But it has taken a toll and it is beyound my own self help tricks. So if I am their when any of you are I am saying my Hellos now. I only hope this place helps, If not for me atleast it will for you. Thats if I can remember. lol.. this memorie thing bites.
  4. I have no true sence of being a human any more. This is over whelming at times. Being on guard all the time ti being depressed takes a toll. Just being able to find this is a process within it's self. I am truely happy and greatfull for all i am reading. I thank you all. Please undcerstand if i dont respond or call. My memories is like a FLAT LINE in life. Its hard to explain. But here is what I know. I knew nothing of SSDI till this past thursday. I applied online and have a phone call appointment this next week. I was told no by one half of the world and yes by the other half. I filded and will see what happens. I also called the VA informing them of intent to file IU. But the DAV guy just states some regulation that I cant because i dont have 60%. This is where i get lost. Upset and just want give up all over again. Yet I get on here and try to read and remember to try again. This up and down road is hard enough with out all this extra stuff... My mind is screwed in every direction and no TRUE FLAT OUT ANSWERS. Feels like a handfull of keys and none opens any doors.
  5. Hello world. I have seval issues but this is the one I have a issue with. Earlier this year I filed for benifits and a increase. I recived on them all. From 10% to 20% on lower back and 0% to 30% for PTSD. I appealed the PTSD bit cause I didn't know who to trust in the beginng of all this. And alot have cone out in getting the help that I need. But here it is. I havent worked in years and was told I cant apply for IU intill my rateing is 60% or higher. I have no problems with that but have issues with it. Is it posable to file depending on the out come of the appeal?
  6. I myself have felt this fear of not knowing what to expect. Relax if you can but be honest with your problems. State the facts of every day issues and how it effects you. If you are unable to ask or tell them to look in your Doctors records. This is what i didn't do the first time and am regetting I painted picture of a good life picture when in deed it is not. Now I myself am going through it again. Be strong and be honest, even if it hurts be honest.
  7. This past Aprial Begain to recive help for Problems. A friend directed me to apply for increase and apply for PTSD, He spelled it out and just said turn in the paper work. I did the week he passed away. I was granted a increase from 10% to 20% for lower Back. And 30% for PTSD. This was with issues cause I was not upfront and honest at the C-P thing. I stated this in another post. As funny as it sound I cant seem to find it myself. The Kids say it is here and I should just try harder to find it. I can't. My mind has come up with plan and seems to be going with it. I have appealed the finding with the DAV and tonight filled out a form for TDIU. Yet I am stuck here in FEAR of turning it in. And or haveing to answer to the DAV dudes with more of his questions. Hell I only leave this house to go to theVA and thats only when I have to or am able to. I have made the commitment to get the help I need. And will do so, but this fear sure slows me down, let alone the past hour just trying to type this. But here is my question. I repeat myself, and unable to complete the simplest thing if at all. I feel as if I never made it past the 5th grade and I have 2 Asc. Degrees. the Father of 6 and have not been a to good of a DAD and have been married 2 times. The simplest this goes wrong and I panic and freak out. I am mean and have no control as it vents out. I am not asking for advice to go get help cause I AM. My question is ... Is this what this is all about cause the help I am getting is just making me see WHAT I HAVE BECOME... I am a nut and have issues. But am not sure what to apply for or how to do it. Hell I dont even deal with money cause it has no value to me, but I know it is needed for the Kids. Isn't thier a list of step or a list of thing to say if you are sick do these. Cause I myself have no concept of what to do at what time to do it. And not haveing the ablity to work not the self concept of money has truely almost killed me. Why do thing get so bad so fast. Yet I am to blame cause I am the Problem. Ok the alarm just went off for the wife. Another night of trying to get information and just more fear of causeing problems. I am asking for opions not GO GET HELP stuff. I am alone in this issue or other feel the same as myself. I cant be the only one who surved and am like this am I. See I dont even Know what I am asking now. This blows.
  8. I thank you all for your support and it helps knowing I am not alone. But do you all ahve problems like this as well. This is a deep in the head issue that effects all but way more then I ever seen. I now at 40% , 20% for my lower back problem and then 30% for PTSD. Just got to love the Math. This comes to the issue that is coming to the surface really fast. I may have gotten help to late. I havent worked in a few years. So money Problems are here. My relation ship with my wife and kids are at a all time low if it could get any lower. I have been asked Am I not working cause of PTSD. In general i reply I dont know. I panic when applying for work . When and if I get myself outta the house. I had a interview once and walked out thinking I was haveing a heart attack and couldnt breath. At that tim I just thought I was a true blown NUT CASE. I freak out when asked questions. I ask myself enough question in my head all day every day. But here is the kicker. Our house is now in Act 91 just as rest us the USA. I have been so blind to see this problem I have I never saw this coming ever ! I am looseing it all. Wife, kids, House. Is this normal with PTSD to be so blind, so numb. Is 30% all they give. I know it gets worse before it gets better but all the help I got was to open my eye and see what kind of fool I have been. I rather have not seen any of this. It just hurts even more. This fear is over whelming all by its self. Now this fear along with normal life is truely hard to except. Why And how did I get so BAD. Where is the person I once was.
  9. I have PTSD and have a hard time reading and understanding alot of things... But this is clicking in my head and i think i understand... I just hope i saved it right and remember where i saved it... I am getting help but it isnt easy... thanks
  10. test for a test... i believe we both past if this works
  11. I have been out for 20 years and these ghost just havent gone away and have finely wore me done to nothing of a man of who i once was. In April i started to go to the VA asking for help. And soon things moved fast and this brought up my guard. I was not fully upforth in my C/P visit for the thought of being locked up and labled a nut was their. I recived 30% forthis and as the trust and things come out with weekly visits with the doctor, meds and more talk. My question is this. It took me years to get to this point. Is it enough or is thier more? I have the worsed record ever in making choices and hopeing they are right. I am just a mean groupy pld man and loosing anouther family over it. let alone cant sleep and thinking of ending it 27/7. who can do it for me cause i suck at it..
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