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  1. Today I am feeling sick, but thank you for the hellos and welcomes. I'm gonna cruz another top category in the forums here. Bill Justice
  2. My name is Bill Justice; I have been a member of this forum off and on for about 9 years. I am a service connected medically retired cold war veteran of the U.S. Navy. I am currently 160% percent disabled with the VA for 3 disabilities: Aggravated PTSD, Ischemic Colitis, and Chronic Sinusitis, (100%, 60%, & 30% respectively). I am here to volunteer my knowledge, experience, and interactions with the U.S. VA system. I will be posting quite a few entries as the time goes by. I have successfully won my 3 service connected disabilities mostly on my own but there were some individuals and entities that assisted me in my battle. I am also 100% disabled with the department of Social Security due to my inability to perform my employment duties both physically and psychologically. I continued to work for about 10 years after the U.S. Navy medically retired me due to damage to my colon while on active duty on the west coast. Doing battle with the VA is not an easy or fast procedure; it can be extremely intricate and complicated and may take up to many years to win your claim. I was awarded 100% service connection after 24 months of very lengthy and complicated procedures; I have an equivalent of a Masters Degree which was to my advantage when fighting the system. For now I want to say that you should NEVER give up on your VA claim, if you have a legal, legitimate, medically documented claim. Even when you are 100% service connected you should never stop fighting for your legal rights and benefits. I know this may sound a little on the extreme side but I know what I am talking about, my awards have proven to be fast, effective, and have saved my life while utilizing my medical benefits. Thanks for reading and I promise that I will post as often as I can, I suffer from feelings of extreme isolation so this is going to help me as much or more than it will help you. Your friend, Bill Justice.
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