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  1. Thanks Justriuk, I'm learning a great deal from this website too....Anyone else care to comment? Pappy
  2. I am trying to determine beforehand if I have a hearing loss severe enough to qualify for some type of compensation. I have attached my audiogram, done in 2008. I do wear a hearing aid in my left ear and benefit from it's use. Quick history- 53 year old male, 23 years active and reserve duty. Will receive retirement benefits at age 60. Active army from 79-83 in tank battalions. (Where the damage occurred) Remainder of service in reserves. Office job as a civilian. I have requested my medical records. I believe my PULHES score went from 1 to 2 on my leaving active duty in 1983. I also remember many instances where I was exposed to main gun/cannon fire without protection on gunnery ranges. I kind of knew I had some loss but just figured I had been a tanker and that hearing loss was just part of it. I also have a constant ringing (tinnutis?) that bothers me- especially at night. I did stsrt sleeping with a fan on which helps a great deal. Again, I just figured this just came with the territory. Some of the references I have looked at would interpret my loss as compensable, but other references refer to the Speech Discrimination as key to any claims. I'm not sure how to interpret my score. The audiogram shows 100/55 and 100/60 in the right and left ears. The bottom number is masking, which I'm not sure of what that measures. Part of of my reason for seeing an audiologist was that I would misinterpret what people would say..."Get my coat" would sound like "get my Goat" etc. So I question the validity of the Speech Discrimination number. After beginning to wear the hearing aid (not obtained through the VA) I would come in contact with other vets who encouraged me to "make a claim". I have begun filling out the VA Form 21-526 and await the medical records. The county VA office said fill out the form then make an appointment with them. Any suggestions? Comments? Thanks for your time. Pappy Hearing1.pdf
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