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  1. Hi Bergie- My name is Melissa. Just joined maybe an hour ago and did an introduction...SO my reply to your post is my first "official posting". As I was reading through all the PTSD topics, yours stuck out to me. I did the Prolonged Exposure like you did. Week after week talking about every disgusting detail with the "therapist" I really thought it worked and maybe it did for the first month or so....but I have to say that what I have experienced is that the followup to this intense therapy SUCKS... How is it that they expect you to invite it all in with a complete stranger who claims to care and then just send you on your way?? I was feeling so brave because I thought it did work that I decided to go back to where I was stationed and confront it all.. maybe find closure. I stood there infront of the actual place and called this "therapist" who I had dont the imaginal exposure so many times with..she could not have been more UNINTERESTED.. she left me there in an emotional mess. I drove 1400 miles to do this and felt SO betrayed so when I got home I decided not to go back to her. She calls me and yells at me for quitting.. WTF?? I quickly learned that it is all part of thier little study and I was just a number- a 50 minute appointment. All that exposure and all it did was cause more damage... She says shes still available to treat me.....uh... like id ever tell her anything. thanks for listening M

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