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  1. i am currently trying to file a new claim on lower back problems but was never seen by a doc at b.a.s on camp pedelton. Im regreting thid now but back the people that went to sick call cauaght so much trash talking and it showed that you were weak to go well must of us didnt go. My mos was 0311/infantry so my body took a beating. I am already currently rated at 40% for knee and shin problems. i saw this info in one of the post i am about t list but was wanting to know where it came from. How do I establish service connection? You can establish service connection for a current disability five ways: (1) directly; 2) by using a presumption; (3) by showing that it is secondary to a disability that is also service connected; (4) by showing that a pre-service condition was aggravated during service; and (5) by showing that you were injured in a VA hospital or while pursuing a course of VA vocational rehabilitation. I was in the voc rehab program for close to four years and all my health problems worsend in the program and according to number 5 above my new claim should be covered, I need to find this info. I also saw this super expensive book for close to 200$ called veterans benifits manual http://www.lexisnexis.com/veterans/. does anybody know how can get info from book without buying it. The info i need is in chap 4 according to a post i saw. Please help or at least point me in right direction
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