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  1. I was awarded 100% P&T with SMC since i only have use of one eye and a brain tumor. I was wondering if i will get future exams? I am almost to my 1 year mark since i was awarded and it just happen to cross my mind as i have been a site stalker for many years since my condition came known.
  2. Bradley_J

    100% P&t No Further Exams.

    How do you know this Carlie?
  3. Bradley_J

    100% P&t No Further Exams.

    No where can i find out why i am on SMC, well i know why, but nothing says why. What type of SMC? Whether i am P&T. But keeps stating my dependents have chapter 35 benefits. I don't think i got all the information. And the E-Benefits site doesnt help at all. I guess i will be calling tomorrow.......
  4. Bradley_J

    100% P&t No Further Exams.

    Yea mine doesn't have that, it is single pages. I will keep reading. I can't seem to get anyone on the phone at the VA at this time.
  5. Bradley_J

    100% P&t No Further Exams.

    Where in your package did it say you where P&T, i got a Chapter 35 pamplet with mine but i am not reading anywhere it says i am P&T.....
  6. Bradley_J

    The End Is Here Finally...

    Got my check and my package. But no where in there it says what SMC i am........It's actually not even that clear. I am going to call the VA..
  7. Bradley_J

    The End Is Here Finally...

    Ok, sorry i been gone awhile..... I haven't received my package in the mail yet, although i did receive a package from my congressman's office cause i called them to look into my cause. Well the VA faxed over a partial completion letter stating my rating and what i was rated on. Now here is my problem. I got 100%, not sure if it is P&T yet. I got 100 percent on one item, having double vision. What i am irritated on is i got only 10% on my brain tumor when it should be a minimum of 60% per their standards, I looked up the chart and for a benign brain tumor it states 60% and 10% for residual tumor's. I did have surgery for the brain tumor but was a failure and turned into a biopsy only. Which means i still have a brain tumor. This bugs the hell out of me cause the benign tumor is causing me all kinds of issues in which i have to go to the Dr. on a regular basis and take meds out the ying yang. Not to mention i have 6 more months of medical records to turn in to them cause i was battling my problem out the door of the Air Force. Any advice on what i should do would be greatly appreciated...... Now for the questions, If i didnt get P&T would i get re-evaluated eventually? What if i get my double vision fixed? What would happen then? With all my ongoing problems today, i can't work, bend over, pick stuff up more than 20 pounds, even having issue's sneezing and couching, how can i get stuff like that included in my claims? Thanks guys....
  8. Bradley_J

    The End Is Here Finally...

    Was awarded 100%, Thank God was running out of money.

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