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  1. Okay I've tried everything to figure out how to put the pics of the scans on here...no luck.
  2. Hi, My husband has been receiving 100% for AO connected lung cancer..we knew it was temporary but were told he would have an exam to see if he had an residual issues and be re-rated or put back to zero. Well we got a letter this week saying they decided not to see him and they said they will be taking him to zero three months from the date of the letter. So he did not get the exam to be able to point out the residuals even tho on the review they did they actually have info about the residuals he does have. The letter included a form 21-4138 With two big sections on it labeled "remarks". So, I don't want to mess this up. How should I proceed? Should I just write that he has residuals, list them and copy the parts in his files that talk about it? Or, should I go on e-benefits and apply for these residuals as secondary to the lung cancer? Two different VA reps told me two different things. I'd be grateful for any guidance. Thanks.
  3. Okay yes lung cancer is a presumptive under agent orange. I was hoping that since they know he had agent orange exposure because he already has an agent orange rated disability that it might move quicker
  4. Okay my husband has been getting compensation for his heart since it became presumptive for Agent Orange. He has 60%. So his Vietnam service, etc has already been verified. Now he has been diagnosed with Squamous cell primary lung cancer. They have not yet decided on a treatment plan because they are doing some respiratory tests tomorrow to see if maybe surgery will be an option since he has late stage COPD. I went ahead and turned in the claim along with his VA records thus far, basically to save the date. My question is: Since he is already receiving one presumptive for Agent Orange, should the Lung cancer claim go fairly quickly? Also if I understand what I've read it that they will put him at 100% during treatment and then six months after all treatment they will reevaluate him. Does that mean they will take it all away or do they just lower the lung cancer rating? Based on what? Thank you.
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