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  1. Making things up? hardly...try reading the AP and other news organsations that are out there right now investigating everything to do with all manner of monies allocated for veterans. Try reading the posts without giving your ''dont worry they wont take away benefits because both political parites have now come forward requesting not only reviews of the 3 new issues but also how the VA in the past has decided illnesses are funded. Webb is a democrate and Simpson is a retires republican both of the Senate. Webb was wounded and is highly decorated.Finally No one said that PTSD was a presumptive disease but it can be restudied etc. If you think that this veterns senate meeting is only about the Nemer rules you are sadly mistaken.
  2. oh now I get it I thought it was about my service but its how you rate reviews....didnt know we still had a Navy...imagine that..learn something everyday
  3. ap Democratic Sen. Daniel Akaka (uh-KAH’-kuh) is chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. He said today that the committee will consider changes to the policy involving so-called presumptive conditions at a hearing in late September.http://www.jacksonsun.com/article/20100831/NEWS01/100831048/1002/rss guys this is just the beginning as the U.S. is broke....better take this seriously....a review of PTSD could eventually follow as well as service related illnesses. They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.
  4. sorry to be so difficult but when my name Onriver comes up in these post beside my name it says I am E-3 seaman 3rd class petty officer who has been here since 06.....all this is totally wrong...any suggestions?
  5. Webb is not the one we should fear but the one who has called for the review at his committee the Senator from Hawaii. Remember this pertains to Vietnam era vets initially and we have a history of being screwed. If they do this then they can review everything after that including PTSD and some service related disabilities ie just because it showed up in the service doesn't mean it was caused by it. Granted they will be all over this because of the number and power of veterans organization but it is nothing to lightly. I dont want to loose my benefits and am willing to do what ever it takes to keep them...I am sure we agree on that.
  6. ok what ever that means but I am a Army Officer and I have been here longer than 06....
  7. Articles from AP and Politico have recently come out questioning VA's giving benefits to Vietnam Veterans for agent orange concerning diabetes and more recently heart problems. The major issue is a study done on Agent Orange and the pilots who flew the agent. According to the study they were less likely to get diabetes than the average person. They have just called for hearings and the press and a number of politicians are pushing for repel. It is time to begin organizing and to even plan a march on DC and congress. The following are articles...http://www.wtvr.com/sns-ap-us-vietnam-agent-orange-claims,0,3372534.story...somebody changed my rank and other info...I certainly wasnt in the Navy.
  8. Thank you so much...I give you a PHD in VA process procedures. I submited a real good disagreement letter and it was received back in August. they sent me a letter asking which process I prefer and I said the normal procedure. My service officer said my disagreement letter was well written and had substantial and to the point enclosures. I was told different stories on how long it would take for a review. The 800 that connects with St. Petersburg said about 180 days, others said earlier others later. Berta put up a listing of the times but I couldn't make it out. Does anyone know the waiting period of an intial disagreement. Thanks I recommend this site to everyone I talk to when I am waiting to see the Dr.'s etc.
  9. yes they did send me a letter asking me what process I wanted to go through either the regular way or through a individual service officer. I contacted the 800 number and they said they received it so its in the system since August.
  10. yes I did place a notice of disagreement....in Aug. so I', waiting for them to descide which they said would be in 200 days or motr....any other thoughts?
  11. Thanks I understand now. The way I am going might be longer but if one is correct it allows a airing of the matter. I put in the disagreement and they haven't got back to me with any other information except who I wanted it to go to. I did receive in my initial approval/denial letter reasons for the denial but have not received further information since I told them who I wanted to review it....the reviewing officer or regular process. I opted for the regular as it appeared to me to be rather simole as it invilved a mistatement on their part.
  12. what is the real difference between a Notice of Disagrement and Appeal? is one better than the other ? sorry but I am just learing all this jargon.
  13. Thanks .....even on the initial appeal? I was told that they would have it done in 6 months and a service officers said I neede to get a reviewing officer...so many opinions out there but since you have been both routes I will follow your advice....my service officer said I can request a reviewing officer which I assume will squash the first appeal I did in August. THANKS FOR THE HELP
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