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  1. Almost a year to the day I initially called VA to get a claim started, I have a C & P Exam scheduled on Tuesday regarding my claim for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss. Initially, my personal ENT told me I had tinnitus and hearing loss, but should get an in-depth hearing exam. I went to the local VAMC regarding my hearing and they sent me to a VA Hospital last December. The VA ENT said I had hearing loss, tinnitus and ordered hearing aids for me. BTW, he did ask me if I did much shooting, I told him "not really" but that when I did, I ALWAYS wear hearing protection. I received and started wearing the hearing aids this past March. I am assuming that my hearing loss/tinnitus disability claim should not be too difficult...? What should I expect at the Exam? Thanks, Dave
  2. buzzard

    October Roll Call

    My VA Disability was finished and mailed last week; VSO filed for hearing loss, tinnitus, PTSD, polyps/sinusitus....Now see the psychologist once a month, psychiatrist once a month...I still don't seem better, though...prescribed celexa & vistaril....
  3. My VSO added the polyps/sinus problems to my VA Disability Claim....although at present, nothing has been proven, that doesn't mean it won't down the road...
  4. Thanks so much for your answer. So therefore, it seems it got a little worse from the war.....Now, my hearing is much worse, and I have been waiting a month now to get an appointment for an audio test -- the local VAOC tells me I have to go to a VAMC and "they should be calling you soon to make an appointment". And yes, I definetly have the ringing in my ears, which is one of the reasons I started my VA quest last month as it has gotten to the point that sometimes I can't sleep or think straight....even my personal ENT told me that it is most likely caused by my Army/VN service, and has put same in his notes.....
  5. I just received my Military Personnel File from NPRC (well, not quite the entire file...) Anyways, I have three "Report of Medical Examination"s. Can someone decipher the #70. Hearing & #71 Auditometer sections...This may prove hearing loss....Here goes: 10/1968 - #5. Purpose of Exam: RA, #70. Hearing (nothing in these boxes), #71. Audiometer: Right: 250 (nothing in this box), 500 C, 1000 C , 2000 C, 3000 (nothing in this box), 4000 10, 6000 (nothing in this box), 8000 (nothing in this box). Left: 250 (nothing in this box), 500 0, 1000 C, 2000 S (or 5), 3000 (nothing in this box), 4000 0, 6 (nothing in this box),, 8 (nothing in this box 8/1971 - #5 Purpose of Exam: Class II Flight Physical, #70, Hearing ( "N/A" typed in middle of this section, #71. Audiometer: Right: 250 x, 500 5, 1000 0, 2000 0, 3000 0, 4000 10, 6000 5, 8000 x. Left: 250 x, 500 5, 1000 0, 2000 0, 3000 5, 4000 20, 6000 60, 8000 x. 10/1971. #5 Purpose of Exam: ETS. #70 Hearing: Right WV 15, Left WV 15. #71. Audiometer (nothing in any of these boxes). On the Flight Physical. #74. Summary of Defects: 7/14 color blindness. #77. Examinee is NOT qualified for... Class III Flight Status ALSO, On the 10/1971, there was noted an "infection in eyes" on first page #24. On another note, on the "Enlisted Qualification Record" and "Enlistment Contract" have "my signature" that ARE NOT MY SIGNATURE. Also, the "Recor'd of Proceedings Under Article 15 UCMJ" is a pack of freakin' lies (I did, however, sign (yes, MY genuine signature) the "Acknowledgement"s of both Notification and Imposition, but have no recollection of ever reading the Proceedings, and would not have signed, if I did. There is such a difference in the signatures that a kindergartener could see it.... There are so many discrepancies and typos in my file...somethings are crossed out, or blacked out, as well....UUGHHHHHHH
  6. Thanks John...will do. BTW, that family member is not a blood-related one (ex sister in law), but I hear ya loud and clear. It is a good thing, though, that both the psychologist and psychiatrist feel I have PTSD, right? I would think they have written this in my file/chart....I am interested to see what is in my past VAMC & VAOC records...hopefully I'll be getting those records in a few weeks (I received an email from National Personnel Record Center stating I should get them about the second week of October...does this mean personnel AND medical records, or just personnel records?...I may have sent to the wrong place for my VAMC & VAOC records) And I assume that the blood test I have to take in two weeks at VAOC would be so they can check to make sure I'm taking both the celexa and vistaril? Thanks again.
  7. CELEXA is the other drug he prescribed....got it today
  8. I will keep all informed on my VSO's progress....she is with the local county Veterans Services...said the tinnitus/hearing loss would be no problem, and that she is pretty good with PTSD claims...and she said she only needs copies of everything....what is a reasonable amount of time for her to get the disability filed? As for "cycling PTSD"....you're right in saying "bipolar", as there IS a such thing as "cycling bipolar"...I have a family member who suffers from that BUT I DO NOT.....he definetely used the words "cycling PTSD"..this is the VA Psych who said it....maybe he was trying to use a layman's way of explaining that my PTSD cycles.....I don't know, but I did tell him my history, and it seems the PTSD comes and goes; sometimes with years between episodes, although it has started some time ago and not getting better at present....I think if he meant I was "bipolar" he would of prescribed bipolar medication(s); though he did prescribe antidepressant...I can't for the life of me remember the name of it but it should be coming in the mail next week (and he also prescribed "hydroxyzine pamoate 25mg 1 or 2 a day" which I only know because they gave me a bottle of it when I was there)...is the hydroxyzine for insomnia? anxiety? I wish I could remember more of my appointment with him, but I can't....I do have an appointment in 2 weeks for blood work (not fasting) because he said he wants to "make sure nothing physical is causing my problems"....so why did he already prescribe then? However, I had fasting blood work last week, all of which was good except very slightly elevated "bad cholesterol".....
  9. I hope I am now on the right path to help and claim: First and foremost, I joined this awesome webiste...then I called the VA to file an "informal claim" a few weeks back. Got my physical, blood work, urine test, first psychologist and first physicatrist appointments done. Got confirmation from VA that I am "Priority Five" re: medical coverage. Located a VSO who is recommended by VVA. When I went to see the psychologist, she talked with me for a while, then gave me a written test (I think it was about 15 questions); once she looked the completed test over, she said "I think you probably are suffering from PTSD". The following week, I had an appointment with the Psychiatrist, and he said "you have cycling PTSD"; I was prescribed both an anti-depressant and sleeping pills. Also, I am awaiting a call from a VAMC to schedule a hearing test and AO exam/registry. I got all my private medical records now. I do not have any of the VA medical records yet (I was inpatient/outpatient, mental, years back). I do not have my military file yet. I have an appointment with my VSO next week, and she said she will be happy to file a disability claim for me, and that it would really be too much for me to do by myself. She asked me to bring ID, DD214, Marriage License, SS Cards, Private physicians names, addresses, phone numbers, any photos I have that will prove where I was, and what I did (I have two full photo albums from VN including pics of my ship.....)along with miscellaneous paraphanelia (sp?).... Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks for all your help.
  10. "It is good to hear that you are seeing a VA Psychologist and should continue thou it may be a hardship with the distance you have to drive each way. Your other option is to see a local out of VA Psychologist if you can afford it and till maintain the VA Psychologist say once a quarter. " The VA Psychologist is only about a 30 minute trip. I meant that the VAMC (where I was told they will send me for hearing test and AO exam, which now I see is merely a VAOC physical) is the three-hour drive from me... Thanks kindly for your input and help....Please be sure to take a look at my most present posting "Healthwise for Life: INFORMATION DISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY"
  11. I was given the "Healthwise For Life" 466-pagen book last week at the local VA Outpatient Clinic. On page xiii, II, INFORMATION DISCLOSURE AND CONFIDENTIALITY, reads as follows at third bullet: "...You have the right to information in your medical record and may request a copy of your medical records. This will be provided, EXCEPT IN RARE SITUATIONS WHERE YOUR VA PHYSICIAN FEELS THE INFORMATION WILL BE HARMFUL TO YOU." What the heck is this supposed to mean....am I not privy to my COMPLETE medical record? Why would MY information be withheld from me? This sounds totally illegal. Can someone please chirp in about this...
  12. I'm assuming they didn't do blood work because I have to be on a 12 hour fast to have it done and I was not told, prior to my first appointment, to fast before I got there And there was no mention of a pee test; maybe they are going to do that, when I get the blood test next week....So then an AO test is just more like a physical? I will have a three-hour drive when I go get that done. As for the tinnitus and hearing loss, yes I realize they are different, my personal ENT suggested I get a hearing test, and did tell my VA PCP about both. My wife called there yesterday, to get the AO and hearing test scheduled, but was told it was not ordered by my PCP and I don't have another appointment with her for a year, so they will get a hold of her to authorize same, then either my local VAOC will call me, or the VAMC will call me to schedule both the AO and hearing test...I'm holding my breath....If nothing is done by the time I get my bloodwork next week, I plan on getting these people moving on it, then. I'm seeing the shrink because the PCP felt I needed to see someone, so sent me to the Psychologist, who said "I think you probably do have PTSD", so I'm seeing the Psychiatrist next week....I assume he will push meds on me....I've been depressed on and off for years now, but this past year it has gotten to where it is disrupting my life and my family and work.....this crap at the VAOC is just heaping more on me...I have been inpatient/outpatient at VAMC, VAOC....in the past....The Psychologist seemed caring, and gave me a 15-question test....I have another appointment with her in a few weeks...Also, when my wife called there yesterday, she mentioned to the manager (not the barking receptionist) that I had brought in the In-Person Authentication, that the receptionist had no idea what to do with, and the Manager said for me to bring it in next week, and she would take care of it.....
  13. Went to my first VA Outpatient Center exam Monday....No blood or pee tests, but vitals, EKG, met with PCP (given sinus med RX, which will be mailed to me) and was given a test to bring back with crap sample in two weeks....was referred to the Psychologist there; in fact, I had my first appointment with her yesterday and she seems okay.... I have another appointment next week for blood work (have to fast), plus a visit with the Psychiatrict there next week, too. I told the PCP there about my tinnitus and hearing loss, and about AO exposure. They didn't make me appointments for a hearing test or the AO exam yesterday. When I was there yesterday, I handed the receptionist the Form 10-5345a for In-Person Authentication (myhealthevet) but she had no idea what it was, or what to do with it...I checked that website when I got home, and it still shows that I have to be I-PA'd. Also, I mentioned the AO exam and hearing exam tests, and she barked that the doctor has to authorize it....and besides, they don't do that there....but in Chillicothe VAMC. They didn't ask me to sign any releases for private medical records, however, I requested same on my own, and have already received 2 of the 4 records from private physicians. I received a response email today from NPCS stating they are working on MPR request, and same should be done by early October.... I'm wondering if I should just call Chillicothe myself? Is "MPR" request meaning "military personnel records", no medical records? Everyone seems ok there (so far), except for one of the receptionists...but my wife told me to be nice because I'm at her mercy....

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