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  1. I have filed a claim with a VSO for some primary and secondary issues in the spring. In September I had 3 C&P exams --hearing, ptsd and my ankle but that did not cover all the claims that I filed for such as GI (stomach) issues. After my 3 c and p exams were completed I never had anymore scheduled. I have not been seen for my stomach issues or my back at this point. I have called the 1 800 number to check the status of my claim and I was told that it has been at the rating board since mid October. This confuses the heck out of me for two main reasons ... 1. I was told that after the c and p exams that it only should take like 30 days or so to hear something and 2. How can my claim be in front of a rating board at this point if there are conditions that I have filed for that I have not had a c and p exam for ?? This whole process is super confusing and is driving me almost to the point of having a break down because no one seems to have a clue about what is going on and no idea what is taking so long or what to expect
  2. This is probably a crazy question... I have had my C and P exams done for awhile now and in looking around on the forum the time frame from the exam to when you get your rating decision very a ton. Is there any way for me to "check" on my stuff and get a rough idea of where it is in the rating process ? I just was under the impression from my VSO that one the exams were done stuff should move pretty quick. Didn't know if there was a web site or phone number or any other way for me to get an idea what was going on with my claims.
  3. I have had 3 C and P exams done by MES Solutions (company the VA contracts with for exams). I had one done for hearing loss, one for issues with my ankle and one for PTSD. I have not heard anything and I am getting worried. I thought that once all of the exams were done I would receive some documentation from the VA in regard to my ratings. Just curious what happens now and if there is a general time frame until I know anything.
  4. I had a hearing C&P exam the other day and I am super confused -- But first the backround ..... I had my exam done with a civilian and she had access to all of my VA hearing test and evaluations and the test went as expected. Once the test was done she took the time to explain some things to me and this is where I got lost. She explained that they test the hearing in hrz levels and that people with hearing loss from combat related issues have the greatest loss between the 4000 and 6000 hrz range. Then she said that the VA has a formula for figuring out compensation and for the compensation they only look at the hearing loss up to the 4000 range. They test through the 6000 range but only look up to the 4000 when figuring the compensation rate. My biggest loss is in the 4000 to 6000 range -- yes the range she says that does not factor into the overall compensation part of things. I guess my question is how do I get a fair compensation rating if they don't look at all the data? The exam was thorough, she was nice and did her best to explain things but it seems like she was nicely telling me that the VA was going to shaft me -- Please help !!!!
  5. Thanks guys. I am still flipping out but you guys have sure helped out. There were some areas that give me all kinds of trouble but I never would have thought to bring them up. You guys are great ---my doc told me about this site and said I would find it helpful -- he was 110% right
  6. I am new to the forum and this is my first post so if I ramble I am sorry. I have a C&P exam next week for my PTSD and I am beyond nervous. I have looked at most of the post regarding PTSD but I still have a few questions. I was assigned to a Forensic Lab as an investigator / case manager for my year in Iraq and needless to say there was a lot of things that have come back to haunt me about that experience. I have been seeking treatment from the VA for about 15 months for PTSD, Depression and Adjustment Disorder. What should I expect the exam to be like? How much weight does my medical file from my VA doc have? I requested copies of my treatment record and progress notes and after reviewing them I know that I have been given a GAF score of 44 from my VA Doc. His notes seem very detailed to me but will any of that matter when I go to the C&P exam? According to my VSO the fact that I worked in Forensics should really help my claim -- Do you guys think he is right about that? He also says that since the C&P exam in through MES Solutions (contractor for the VA) that in his experience they are fairer with exams -- what do you guys think ?? Thanks in advance for the help with this. I am flipping out about this whole thing since I feel comfortable with my doc (he is a vet and a purple heart recipient) since he has been in similar situations. I cannot imagine opening up to a stranger about my demons -- this whole things has got me stressed out and its still a week away.

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