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  1. ptsdsoldier

    I Am So Confused

    Every thing is documented and the stressors are in there.
  2. ptsdsoldier

    I Am So Confused

    Also to add they just discharged me from the National Guard as a Grey Area retiree.. Since they had no answers for my back but claim it was not service connected.
  3. Good afternoon all, I am so over whelmed and confused by what to expect during all this.. I don't even know where to start. I was on active duty with the Army combat vet, and went to the National Guard I was a team leader for military funerals on ADSW (active Duty Special Work) I was place on different orders to attend a school.. While at the school on a ruck march I dove to the ground felt a pop or something in my knee I got up and collapsed to the ground they took me to the hospital I had and still have sever pain in my leg this was 3 years ago. They said they could not identify the problem but they medically discharged me from the school. Since I was on profile I could not go back on Active duty orders with the National Guard. I then was seen by a civilian doctor. He determined it was not a knee issue but it was a back problem. I could not work nor was I compensated by the Military other than they took care of the doctor bills. They stopped all authorizations because it was a back injury and the military said since the LOD (Line of Duty) stated that it was a knee issue they could not do anything for my back. I was being treated by the VA for PTSD and went to them for help, they are working the problem still to this day. Because of hearing loss, back pain/Leg Pain, and PTSD I am having a terrible time holding down a job. I don't know what to do I turned in my VA paperwork for compensation I believe is what it is called but I have no one that knows any answers about what I can do in the mean time.. I am in hopes that someone on here will read this and give me some sort of advice I am at the end I can't take anymore and I hate being a human test subject for all these pills. I wish they could just find one that works so I can return to some what of a normal life. Thank you and if I left out any important information that you might need in helping find a solution I will more than happy to answer any and all questions.. Scouts Out

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