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  1. ptsdsoldier

    I Am So Confused

    Every thing is documented and the stressors are in there.
  2. ptsdsoldier

    I Am So Confused

    Also to add they just discharged me from the National Guard as a Grey Area retiree.. Since they had no answers for my back but claim it was not service connected.
  3. Good afternoon all, I am so over whelmed and confused by what to expect during all this.. I don't even know where to start. I was on active duty with the Army combat vet, and went to the National Guard I was a team leader for military funerals on ADSW (active Duty Special Work) I was place on different orders to attend a school.. While at the school on a ruck march I dove to the ground felt a pop or something in my knee I got up and collapsed to the ground they took me to the hospital I had and still have sever pain in my leg this was 3 years ago. They said they could not identify the problem but they medically discharged me from the school. Since I was on profile I could not go back on Active duty orders with the National Guard. I then was seen by a civilian doctor. He determined it was not a knee issue but it was a back problem. I could not work nor was I compensated by the Military other than they took care of the doctor bills. They stopped all authorizations because it was a back injury and the military said since the LOD (Line of Duty) stated that it was a knee issue they could not do anything for my back. I was being treated by the VA for PTSD and went to them for help, they are working the problem still to this day. Because of hearing loss, back pain/Leg Pain, and PTSD I am having a terrible time holding down a job. I don't know what to do I turned in my VA paperwork for compensation I believe is what it is called but I have no one that knows any answers about what I can do in the mean time.. I am in hopes that someone on here will read this and give me some sort of advice I am at the end I can't take anymore and I hate being a human test subject for all these pills. I wish they could just find one that works so I can return to some what of a normal life. Thank you and if I left out any important information that you might need in helping find a solution I will more than happy to answer any and all questions.. Scouts Out
  4. ptsdsoldier

    Injured Vet

    They will send me to physical therapy for 2 months then they will determine if they will do an MRI.. It just seems to me I could have been fixed along time ago had someone listened to the first doctor and not passed blame, where there was no where to pass it, the Army said if it is a back injury then it has to be a pre-existing condition which how far back do you go I joined when I was 17 I am now 34.. And been in the whole time..
  5. ptsdsoldier

    Injured Vet

    It has been 3 years since I was injured while on a ruck march in the Army, I dove to the ground with a 40 lbs ruck sack on and felt immense pain in my left knee which shot down to my foot. I could not walk I was transported to the Army hospital they said yeah there is swelling in there but you need to come back in the morning. I went back they xrayed it and said there was nothing they could do at that time I was then sent to a civilian doctor that said it was a back issue not a knee issue with is what the Army wrote up. The Army released me saying it was not their fault it was a knee problem that was the injury. I am now at the VA 3 YEARS LATER, they are treating me with Vicoden and Muscle relaxers which have started to interfere with my civilian job. I can't sit or stand for any length of time without my left leg going numb and serious pain in my hip and back. There are times I can't even walk across a parking lot. The VA doctor ordered an xray with shows chronic injury to L5 and bone spurs in T-12 to L1. So now I am at risk of loosing my job, because I have to miss so much time from work to go to appointments and because I so medicated all the time. I guess the point is will physical therapy help or is this just more wasted time while I get worse as time goes by. I am very frustrated, I was diagnosed with PTSD which now I am being told all the pain meds are a depressant which it seems like I am fighting against myself.. I would really like to find some relief.

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