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  1. Well I hate to admit it but I was totally wrong! After reading the regs about 4 times and giving it more thought I see where I made my mistake. The VA was correct in assigning 80%. Sorry to lead everyone on a wild goose chase and thanks everyone for your comments and not calling me a dumb a--. John
  2. Would some of you check my math to see if I'm applying the rule for "disabilities arising from a single disease entity" correctly? I have ratings of 50, 30, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10. The VA says my total rating is 80%. By applying each rating separately to the table it comes out at 82 and gets rounded down to 80%. They did not consider that the 20 and 3 of the 10's are from a single disease entity. My calculations show using the rule that the table provides an 85 which would get rounded up to 90%. Am I correct? I have several other issues with my latest decision letter but before contacting them I wanted to check my math. Thanks for your help. John
  3. I've been waiting on a reconsideration request that would take my 30% ptsd up to 50%. Saw on ebenefits that it was approved. I'm now at 10% hearing loss, 10% tinnitus and 50% ptsd. Just waiting on the $ to hit the bank. While waiting on the ruling I have been doing a lot of on-line research on degenerative disc disease in helicopter pilots. I've had a herniated disc repaired by a civilian doctor but he is not willing to give me a nexus letter. What do I do with all of this research I've accumulated? Surely I don't just submit it with my claim. Or do I take it to another doctor, like the Ellis Clinic in OKC, and get them to give me a nexus letter? I've got all kind of medical records,VA and otherwise, showing a diagnosis of DDD.
  4. I talked with a VA rep today on the 800 number about a matter other than my request for reconsideration. During our conversation the matter of my reconsideration came up. He entered my info into his system and he told me that a decision had been reached on Dec 15 and that my request was now in the hands of the people that put together the letters and send out notifications, etc. He said he could not tell me what the decision was. Is that because he did not have it on the computer screen he was looking at or because of VA policy not to disclose that info verbally?
  5. Thank you. I searched Google but didn't find the mos list.
  6. First I want to say THANK YOU to fanaticbooks and Tbird and anyone else working on the training letters! I think you've done an excellent job. Now I have a question. Fast letter 10-35 has a link to an excel worksheet on the VA website. It is http://vbaw.vba.va.g...utymosnoise.xls. The link does not work for me. Any suggestions as to how I can get a copy? John
  7. Just an observation about the report posted by Carlie. A disclaimer first. I do not know how the VA compiled the the data but I looks like 24.4% of all claims pending are in appeals. Just something to keep in the back of your mind when filing new claims. That about 25% of them will have to be appealed.
  8. Great job. Thanks for the all the work john49
  9. Thanks Broncovet, thats where I found the one I referenced. John49
  10. After reading a VA training letter (02-04) on intervertebral disc syndrome I ran across this in a DAV service bulletin: "Training Letters contain additional information about topics that is not available in the regulations or manuals. The purpose of these letters is to educate as well as inform. Training Letters do not replace manual or regulation information, they only supplement them. The following are being disseminated to all National Service Officers (NSOs) in an effort to keep them informed of relevant VA training activities. NSOs are encouraged to access the VA‟s Intranet for the complete document(s) listed below and to periodically review for updated Training Letters." Since my search of the internet does not turn up very many other training letters, I wonder if some of you VSO's might help. I am NOT asking for you to do anything illegal, immoral or otherwise against the rules, BUT would it be possible for you to access the VA's intranet and post an index to what training letters exist? With that info maybe we could then ask our representatives for a copy of a specific letter. Or if you know of a link to others please post it. Don't send flames, a simple can't, won't or will do will suffice. John49
  11. I received a rating decision dated Sept 22, 2010 granting 30% PTSD. I already had 10% tinnitus, 0% hearing. On Sept 29 I submitted additional information on the PTSD claim and asked for a reconsideration of the 30%. The RO has been pretty quick with handling everything so far. Question: Do I have 60 days from the original rating decision (Nov 21) to request a DRO or would it be 60 days from a response to my request for reconsideration? Thanks John49

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