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  1. I was not directed towards everybody it was just towards the guy with the :-) and is mocking me because I listened to retirement brief. I got ahold of the VA today and I did get a solid answer to my current issues but in doing that made a new issue. The amount they are giving me is without dependents and I have 4 kids and a wife. The original amount they told me was with dependents so I'm confused. Anything on this?
  2. Thank you all. I have done the spreadsheet. I have served 6 years 7 months. The spreadsheet showed 1800 which is more than my retirement which is 1540.00. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!!100% va 60% dod va is actually over 100% and it is all combat related.
  3. I'm glad someone thinks it's funny thanks for wasting my time
  4. My retirement date was 31DEC11 and I have yet to receive the formal decision letter. I called and all they said is that it is in its final stages. Wtf. When am I going to get paid?
  5. I do believe your correct after surfing and searching and working with this memory of mine I remember them telling me they will automatically give me the higher benefit unless I elect for some reson not to. And the waiver is in the application for VA benefits and compensation block 25 I believe so I didnt remember because this was quite some time ago that I did that form. And with CRSC that goes entirely off of any injuries that are combat related or combat training and all of mine are. The CRSC pay table matches the VA pay table but with me not having 20 yrs there is an offset which CRSC will partially replace. There is an equation they use to determine the amount you get and it can be tricky but I do know that it can not exceed your retirement amount. Thanks.
  6. The VA said they have sent my decision packet. Where do I get the waiver of military retirement pay with that packet or somewhere else? I have sent all my CRSC in all of my stuff is combat my retirement pay is just over 1500 and I am over 100% for VA. CRSC said they just need that waiver and I dont know how to get it.
  7. My biggest Question is since I am 100% VA and receiving 60% from the army will there be an offset due to the fact that I am 100% VA. And If I am granted CRSC that is just an additional check correct? and should be equal to the VA check since all conditions are combat related and I was granted 10ac. I am willing to work if I need to but my ability isnt the greatest but just like I served my country I need to continue to serve my family in need. Thank you in advance.
  8. I am currently not drawing SSD, I am PDRL. My application for both CRSC and SSD have been sent in.
  9. Hello. Thanks for your response. Yes I have applied and even being 100sc I was denied but I did appeal and sent all MEB and VA docs. I will continue to try!! Yes I am Retired Army. Medical retirement! I am in the Hurt locker right now financially I have a hard time just feeding my four kids. It will work out in the end I hope!! God willing.
  10. I have been retired for about 11 days now. I am 60% DOD and 100% VA and entitled to CRSC that application has been sent in. I need a straight answer as to what money I am going to get Money is more than tight. I was under the impression that I would get all my retirement and disability and CRSC. since I am 100% disabled. Please someone explain this to me. Thanks again.
  11. Hey Terry you not from Sturgis are you? That happens to be where home is for me.
  12. And I will be moving back to Michigan if anyone is there and knows the benefits let me know what ya know. Thanks
  13. Thank you all for caring so much! Carlie. I did look into state benefits. The other few things you mentioned I have not heard of. Please inform me. I am taking advantage of the HAP. Again thank you all.
  14. And a correction om the numbers its 60% DA not 70. Sorry.
  15. Thank you all! It has been a total of a year and four months since I started the process. The actual time for the start and end date of the MEB PEB is about 9 months. Aprox then again I do have some severe memory issues
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