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  1. I separated from the Army due to a service connected disability. When I was discharged, I was paid severance pay. The VA requires that severance pay be paid back, therefore they have garnished my VA disability pay since separation ($100 per month). My question is this: My disability rating is about to be increased and I will be owed retro pay. Will the VA keep all of my retro pay to pay off my severance debt? OR will I actually receive the funds? I was thinking they may take a percentage of it. Have any of you experienced this issue?
  2. I found that my claims have finally moved on to rating. I understand some claims drag on and others can be decided quickly. Is the majority of the wait over when a claim goes to the rating board? OR, are there many months more of waiting to be had? Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was officially diagnosed by the va with UC in 2008 - so, hopefully there should be no debate with them over the existence of the disease. Also, I called Muskogee yesterday and they are still waiting on my QTC C & P exams. They said then it will go into review etc. I opened this case in April and it looks like I've got a lot more waiting to do....... xl86hd
  4. I stand corrected, UC is not a form of IBS but rather Inflammatory Bowl Disease or IBD. Thanks for the input.
  5. I am currently rated 30%. I have recently filed for increase in benefits (filed several new claims). About a year ago I was diagnosed by the VA with ulcerative colitis. I went to several QTC C& P exams but not for the ulcerative colitis. I see that IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is listed as an undiagnosable disease and UC is a form of IBS. I am about to receive a rating for UC and I have never attended a C & P exam for this ailment. I have been in VA hospital in past year for this issue, taking meds for UC all documented by the VA. Does this sound right, receiving a rating for a ailment/disease and never had a C & P exam for it?? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have attended all of my QTC C&P exams. All paperwork has been filled out. The ball is in their court. It has taken me 5 months to get to this point. Surely, as many claims as they have you would think that it would be in their best interest as well as mine to handle the remaining procedures in a timely matter. Well, that is what *would* make sense anyway - sometimes I forget who I am dealing with.... xl86hd
  7. That is exactly the type of information that I needed. Armed with this knowledge, I can review my claim accurately. Now.....the waiting game.....waiting on my new rating......I wonder how far backlogged Muskogee is?
  8. xl86hd

    Hello All

    Hello fellow Veterans: I am a U.S. Army vet. I am rated at 30% and am in the middle of trying to increase my rating due to being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I have been in a severe flare that has lasted over a year - full blown symptoms and all documented by the VA. I look forward to contributing to this forum in any way that I am able. xl86hd
  9. Hello, I am a 30% rated veteran. i recently submitted additional (new) claims with the VA. I was informed by the VA that they were re-opening some of my old claims which I have been paid for years. My new claims are just that, new I am not trying to increase old injury ratings. I understand that if the VA re-opens an old claim, if your condition has improved - your rating may go down. During my recent C & P exam the QTC doctor re-examined me for old ratings and found me to be much worse off than I was when given my initial rating. If the VA chooses to re-open a claim (and can reduce your rating) - if you are found to be worse off, can your claim be increased as well?? Your input is appreciated.

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