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  1. I have never filed any claim. Yes the VSR submitted claim for me. I got a copy of the file and the information we discussed was not included. I understand that any condition you feel is service connected should be identified and included. all that ?was included was the form, and the injury. I think this may end up being a problem(?) thanks again RIck
  2. I was EROS in May of 91< I was supposed to go to the P.I, but got the cod in fujura Uae (SP?) spent the night on an ammo ship then got shipped to Bahrain. Lots of interaction with the peeps comming back from helping the kurd's was pissed when I found out what we had done to them( another fight) My VSR has just summited my medical files with no narrative, I have had a long going problem with all of my joints and muscles, most of which have been "inconclusive."I am just joining the fight, and had no Idea what a fight I am In for.
  3. Hello all! I just found this site, and must say I've learn more in three days than the few weeks that i've been dealing with the VSR for my county. I found out that a narrative should have been sent with my claim, and that it should have included my statements of where and when i was stationed in transit. This was not submitted, also that I have no record in my service file of where i was in transit. This will be huge for me, because I was at sea most of the time. I only went ashore to be transferred back to the states and was sent to a compound that housed Iraqi POWs. I have been digonsted with PTSD, and am still wating for the barrage that is to come. So my concern is what to do next, I'm ok with the long fight, but would rather not make the chery mistakes. Thanks all and thank you for your service, Rickitick
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